Super Hero Time 12 Dec

Kamen Rider Revice ep 14: Turntable

The Deadmans are going all out. Commander Wakabayashi bared his fangs and tore Fenix apart from the inside as well as Hiromi too (figuratively of course). But it’s just the Chameleon Deadman’s doing and not the “real” Wakabayashi so there’s some hope left for him. The lawyer guy and the other dude that was glaring at Sakura also “stalk” their respective prey and got their asses kicked as a result. However, they have completed their objective.

George willingly handing over the Gifu stamp might be something he already “planned” to. This guy is a complete mystery and I can’t read him at all. At the end, we got another shocking revelation that Aguillera was also a “sacrifice” for Gifu instead of being his bride. This episode is full of betrayal and shocking revelations. First time we see the cheeky smile disappear from Aguillera’s face, as well as Julio since he definitely didn’t know about this either.

Zenkaiger ep 39: Happy Birthday!

Actually a chill episode from the last one. Lots of celebration, hijinks and other stuff. Basically a celebratory episode for the festive season and also to prepare for the “upcoming” drama with Hakaiser. The episode is basically just everyone unleashing stuff towards the poor Tojitendos. Also the Gokaiger keys basically made them…switch weapons? A bit underwhelming but so far the “gears” have played a passive role until the Zenryoku Zenkai Cannon came into play and summoned the past sentais.

Stacey was wondering what Hakaiser and Ijirude were doing, and he finally got his answer at the end of this episode. With the debut of Hakaioh, which looks absolutely menacing!

Ultraman Trigger ep 20: Shocking Meeting

It’s been a while since we get a “good” monster. Barriguiller¬†is a pretty chill dude. He just want some food lol. But really, the “gimmick” of putting the captive into the belly button was pretty hilarious, but the way Hudram handle it is pretty hilarious as well. I think this is one of Trigger’s most competent fight and first time to ally with a monster. Even though they didn’t really get to talk to each other, the way they pummeled Hudram together was really cool.

Ignis was “supposedly” the prisoner on the Nursedessei but it’s like he’s a house guest. Dude just wander around doing whatever the hell he want without any consequences. I guess GUTS-Select already treated him as Trigger’s potential partner: Trigger Dark. Which is basicallllllly what next episode is about. Trigger Dark might be the first secondary Ultra to be a dark version of the main Ultra.