Kyoukai Senki 10: Triple Team

I mean, Gai, Nayuta and Kei at this point are kinda like plot convenience, even though the way the staff used them was in a good way. Just that, I want to have that same feel from episode 7. Still a good episode I’ll say.

This episode introduce the MOTHER RUSS… nope wrong one, the Eurasia force, which obviously is Russia and the gang in real world. Their main AMAIM design sure takes from the Russia, which is big, thick, slow and carries big guns. They got devastated really easy even when they debuted, but underestimating them would be a big mistake, especially when their commander is actually quite capable. Alexey and his partner filled that role nicely, I dare to say that if he and Dahlia had better AMAIMs, Amou’s gang would not be able to retreat that easily. The duo ultilized perfectly what they got in their hands, and I kinda like them as well. Hopefully Dahlia won’t became Carta Issue 2.0.

Next, the fight. It was well directed. Eurasian AMAIM got a bad debut, which Brad Watt play a part in that. But to see a proper commander moved the pieces like Dahlia was quite a pleasure. Too bad that her opponents were not normal. I would love to give Alexey my respect as well, even though his AMAIM from our point of view is far inferior to the original AMAIM, that guy sure had talent and skills. Next time, just give him a better AMAIM and he will become a tough boss for Amou to try to overcome.

Next episode: Misuzu’s smile is the best.