Mecha Profile: MAILeS Jogan – Kyoukai Senki

The most effective force on the battlefield isn’t the bruiser that brave the frontline, but the hidden sniper that can take out important targets with decisive precision from beyond enemy’s range. The 2nd MAILeS of Yatagarasu – a deadly mecha that when in the hands of a cool-headed and resolute pilot – can turn the battle in a heartbeat: Jogan.

I. Development History:
– The second MAILeS developed by Yatagarasu, the Jogan is developed separately from Kenbu and Reiki but still based on the same principle: manned AMAIM with I-LeS support unit. Little is known about its development process, but it can be assumed that the unit and the I-LeS were developed together in the Chuugoku region. The Jogan was deployed along with one of the Yatagarasu branch to retrieve the Kenbu and Amou, as well as liberate Japan.

– Jogan’s pilot is Gashin Tezuka – son of a Yatagarasu’s member. His father was a combatant and an AMAIM pilot, however, the autonomous AMAIM Ghost claimed his life, leaving a young Gashin orphaned. Since then, Gashin vowed revenge upon Ghost as well as carry out his father’s wish to free the nation. Therefore he come off as very straightforward and serious to a fault, often being very strict but sometimes he can show his emotions as well.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:

– The YM-01 Jogan stand at 10.7-meter, which put him in-between a small Mobile Suit like the Crossbone Gundam(15.9m) and an Arm Slave such as the Arbalest(8.5m). The unit weight 9.9 tons, which is the heaviest unit among the Kenbu, Jogan, Reiki trio. Its I-LeS unit – Kei – is also the only female of the three, appearing quite gentle and level-headed. Kei is highly supportive with a very calm and gentle demeanor, often not interrupting Gashin nor go against his orders.

– The Jogan is a ranged-oriented unit, with enhanced sensor and sniping capabilities which allowed the MAILeS to take down enemies from an extremely long-range and switch to the next in a split second. Its rigidity as well as leg strength is also increased to give the unit more stability to handle the recoil of its artillery. This also lead to the Jogan having the least mobility out of the three, which suits its default position as the backline artillery support. Nevertheless, the Jogan can still engage in melee combat with its combat dagger. The dagger is stored on the shoulder shield.

– The Jogan’s main weapon is the massive 120mm Double-Barrel Sniper Cannon. The Sniper Cannon is capable of firing three type of warheads: 120mm APFSDS(Armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot), AP(Armor-Piercing) and HEAT (High-Explosive Anti-Tank) rounds. The 120mm smoothbore cannon fires the same shells as a battle tank’s main gun – which usually take out 1 AMAIM per shot. The AP-round is fired from a rifled cannon that is used for long-range sniping. When firing heavy rounds, extra stabilizers from the backskirt and feet are deployed to give better footing to the unit.

– Aside from the big caliber, the Jogan was also given dual-pistols. The pistols were tuned to match Gashin’s shooting style. This give him a close-range option to take down several enemies that have gotten close to him since the 120mm Cannon is very cumbersome and heavy, and Jogan is not a unit tuned for melee CQC.
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