Mecha Profile: MAILeS Reiki – Kyoukai Senki

Just like in any modern warfare era, air superiority is…welll…superior. The Kenbu and Jogan are ground-based units which really excel in what they do, but Yatagarasu made sure to cover all grounds…and air – with a MAILeS unit that can fight in the air with extremely high mobility. Enter the third pilot and her MAILeS: REIKI.

I. Development History:
– The third MAILeS developed by Yatagarasu, the Reiki is developed separately from Kenbu and Jogan but still based on the same principle: manned AMAIM with I-LeS support unit. Little is known about its development process, but it can be assumed that the unit and the I-LeS were developed together in the Chuugoku region – which is near Shion’s hometown in Western Honshu.

– Shion Shishibe – a civilian collaborator of Yatagarasu – was eventually chosen to pilot the Reiki due to her talent and the I-LeS of the Reiki was also fond of her. Shion and Reiki later joined up with Amou and Tezuka to form the core MAILeS trio of Yatagarasu.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:

– The YM-03 Reiki stand at 10.4-meter, which put him in-between a small Mobile Suit like the Crossbone Gundam(15.9m) and an Arm Slave such as the Arbalest(8.5m). The unit weight 8.8 tons, which is the lightest unit among the Kenbu, Jogan, Reiki trio. Its I-LeS unit is also the most eccentric out of the three, capable of creating another pseudo-consciousness of an Italian gentleman despite being completely Japanese. The I-LeS name is Nayuta, but preferred to be called Angelo and also called Shion “Princess” and treat her with utmost respect, regarding Amou, Gai and Tezuka as “rude” and “uncouth” most of the time.

– The Reiki is developed with high-maneuver combat in mind. Its design is high aerodynamic with very sleek and full of sharp, pointy bits that allow it to glide and cruise better in the air. Its jumping ability is also enhanced which allow it to move quickly at low-altitude and cover long distances easily. The Reiki demonstrated that it can cover several kilometers in just under a minute. To aid the maneuverability, the Reiki is also equipped with multiple powerful thrusters on the backskirt, which can fold out during combat to increase aerodynamic as well as provide extra thrust in order to close in to targets quickly. The Reiki by far has much higher mobility than any other AMAIMs and MAILeSes we’ve seen in the show.

– The Reiki weapon is a single Naginata – which is also a weapon Shion’s familiar with. She learned how to fight with the Naginata when she was little and when she was chosen to be Reiki’s pilot, the Naginata was chosen as its weapon as well. There were rumors that there were other weapons in consideration but since Shion was chosen, it was narrowed down to just one. The Reiki’s naginata has a long handle so its reach is deceptively longer than expected. As with other bladed weapons, the naginata is also a super-heated vibroblade, which allow it to pierce through AMAIM armor with ease.

– With its superior mobility and reach, the Reiki doesn’t usually use ranged weapons, however, it is capable of equipping the Electric Net Launcher – a neutralizing weapon. As the name implies, the Launcher can launches a metal net that can emit a strong current to restraint other AMAIMs.
III. Gallery: