Ancient G’s Frame ep 11 & 12: Finally the end

After quite an uneventful series of episodes, Ancient G’s Frame finally head into the final battle with the Nergals. Now with Xing Yao back into their custody, they can go all out, or can they?
Well, not gonna lie, the fact that they have the whole Earth surrounded by Nergals is quite a ballsy move. The visuals look really really scary though. And this is when 3D really demonstrate their strength when they can animate these scenes much easier than handrawn 2D digital that would surely destroy the animator wrists. Although, the animation in this series has been quite subpar, even the 2D.
The discovery about Alupeace – the White Giant – was really bonkers tho. It came out of nowhere that the DG can literally rip open a hole in reality to open a rift to another dimension. And they plan to throw all the Nergals into it, which makes sense given the situation. But does the mumbo jumbo in this series came outta left field. They really did grab the Super string theory and add 1 more dimension to it (just like a certain mecha series with lots of drills cough cough). But anyway, the plan’s set, and the Frames are ready to move.

Divinegon got quite a bit of action in the two final eps, but it didn’t do anything notable like the first time it appear. Mostly just basic attacks alongside the other Divine Frames. Furthermore, the Nergals are pretty…passive. They didn’t really attack the Frames nor the ship but rather just fly around menacingly. It didn’t create the feeling of a high-stake final battle at all. Which is sorta a shame. The tension from the first few episodes when we see the Nergals absolutely chew through everything has been lost along the way.
One of the better highlight was Xing Yao and Judith double team. Well Ashna’s fighting style is basically Qubeley funnel galore. And the duo combination between Judith and Xing Yao is nice to look at. But it was pretty brief which was a bit anti-climactic. The “final” battle and sacrifice felt really really rushed and while I’m really really sad for Aer, it just didn’t hit as hard as it could be. But nevertheless, she was essentially the only casualty in the series, and she was pretty cute so…
The ending was pretty basic though. Everyone’s happy ever after. Xing Yao’s marriage was pretty out of nowhere tho, we didn’t see a lot of their relationship but then again we didn’t see a lot of many things in the series. At least the art was gorgeous for the finale. Glad that it’s actually over since I don’t think it need to drag on for this long.