Sakugan ep 9: Stranded

Episode 9 started out quite bloody, with the Shibito raiding the Colony and massacre the government workers there. The small, masked figure we saw in the previous ep is quite a dangerous “guy”. After the brutal bloodshed, we go back to Memempu and the gang and they are also in a less-than-desirable situation

The crew seems to be in a tropical forest in the Labyrinth, sweaty and swarmed by bugs. Back to the main storyline is still the humorous storytelling, the petty nags during the trip and the small annoyances caused by the environment.

The relationship between Gagumber and Zack has returned to normal, although it seems to some viewers that the problem was resolved too quickly and abruptly, like that event was just a small disagreement. However, in my opinion, I think that the storyline like this is still quite reasonable, first, we don’t know how long does it take between episode 8 and 9, and second, sometimes something doesn’t need to be said out loud between to people, they just understand each other enough to forgive and move on. Zack knows what kind of person Gagumber is and the moment he tried to save his daughter confirmed it even more.

It’s pretty sad about this episode that I thought it would be the perfect fan-service episode but what do I expect now? we can only see Zack’s bikini and the plus point is her bust and thighs. Also, the flood scene made me quite nostalgic. It’s the same with cars from more than 20 years ago, when the street is flooded and water gets into the car, it’s really not a piece-of-cake situation. Big Tony and Tony really impressed me, even when it’s out of energy but still capable of many functions (Tony stuffed animals when? :’)). Here we see that even a genius can’t do everything, such as survival skills for example. No matter how well-thoug out your plans are, there are times when you can’t do anything. but thanks to that, Gagumber and Memempu had the opportunity to sit together, confide and put their trust in each other like true partners.

This episode is another entertaining episode, it’s moderately rhythmic and not too rushed. The idea to uses fruit to generate electricity is a really outstanding move, I never thought they will use that complicate chemistry (which subject I’m not really good at). Merooro is back at the end of this episode, which means maybe at least the next 2 episodes will feature him. Seems like the problem from the beginning of this ep is really something.

The after credit is really unexpected, guess those guys are another plot twist from this show. Small physical features, blonde hair, and accompanied by a tall man, just like father and daughter Gagumber and Memempu. Is those their clone are they from another timeline, can’t tell from now but only 3 episode left, we must be ready, hold tide for the upcoming twist.