Sakugan ep 7: Illusion or Reality

This episode starts with the usual dream of Memempu, big tower, meteor shower but this time there is Urorop from far away slowly approaching. I can’t help but mention that the BGM of this episode is really creepy, there’s something about it that makes me both mystified and wary of what’s to come until Gagumber wakes her up. Will this be a sign of bad things to come or another mindbending trick of Sakugan?

After the opening, we are returned to the normal atmosphere of Gagumber & Memempu crew. This episode gives us the vibe of backpacking tourism, imagine you are riding a car with your family and accompanying your family is the families of your friends on the journey to the lake house. Yes, sound like “Grow up” but get through the desert in this adventure. Also like Yuri said, he’s on the journey and happy with his friends, which can be called the joy of being with friends in something.

However, This journey is becoming more bizarre and strange, everyone gradually lose their sanity and even Memempu can’t get out of the same situation. It started with her dream getting stranger and stranger, it seemed like she saw it more and more clearly. Through the 2nd, 3rd and 4th day things gradually got worse, it’s like you’re high and can’t tell what’s real and what’s fake anymore, the symptoms are getting more and more obvious and now we know what the cause is. Kyogenakagao Modoki look like Kyogenakagao but harmful to human, the antidote for it can only be soaked cactus and drink to relieve it. Unfortunately, wrong cactus and it make everything worse, It manifests itself such as mood swings, being happy with a fever, and whining like a baby along with a variety of symptoms. It’s like when you get high and drunk at the same time you arrive at your third party, but at the same time you buddy belike: “oh shit, my man is fcked up, I need to help him to get out of here”. Yep, look like it.

The bright parts are over, and from now on there is only darkness. If you notice, the sky keeps getting darker and darker day by day. A purple sky is really not good at all, and it’s like a hint for a flag, foreshadowing dark things to come. Dammit, the BGM of Memempu’s dream give me goosebumps. In this episode, every time Memempu dream, she can see the details of the dream more vividly each time. In the last 2 dreams of Memempu of this ep reveal the big hint for the plot of the story. Gagumber dies right in front of her eyes, Urorop increasingly visible, white flowers stained with blood, and Memempu’s mother? Not gonna lie, this scene really made me feel panic and terrify. It’s not because Urorop is scary or Gagumber’s death but it is like leaving confusion and thousands of questions in the mind of the viewer. And the BGM version really pushed my emotions to the climax, until now it still gives me goosebumps (important things need to be mentioned 3 times).

The anxiety from Memempu’s dream serves as a warning bell for the plot. She tries to convince everyone to hurry up, but right after everyone is getting better is not the right time. she didn’t say anything about that dream, nor did people know what she wanted. Memempu wants to get there quickly to confirm the truth for her father’s sake, and Gagumber wants everyone’s health to be better, so he wants to head to the colony. Everyone has their opinion, look like everyone will come to Karakara colony in the next ep and we will know a part of Gagumber’s past (Seriously, his face looks scary as hell).

This episode really makes viewers’ hairs stand on end, seems like the story is getting intense. Is the dream Memempu has the future or the past? Is Memempu Gagumber’s biological daughter? Will Gagumber die or is he dead and this is his clone? Whether Urorop is a Memempu but in another loop. Or is it all just Memempu’s dream and that scene is a dream within a dream, is this world fake or real? There are so many questions that need to be answered, as pieces of a larger picture are revealed. But putting that aside for now, we have to wait for the next episode to know Gagumber’s past, maybe there will be another piece, flag or plot twist in the next episode.