Sakugan ep 5: Into the Maze

More and more charges for Gagumber and Memempu, after messing up with the mafia in Jolly-jolly. Now they are forced to do an secret mission for Merooro, but Memempu treated this as an adventure while Gagumber sees it as an annoying field trip for a middle-aged man.

They move to strange place called Windy Hill, and it looks pretty similar to a completely natural habitat rather than the cavernous terrain of the Labyrinth. On the way to Windy Hill, Gagumber is still being his usual stand-up comedy routine while trying to weasel his way out of trouble, nevertheless, Merooro is pretty set on having the pair help him out, since Memempu is, after all, a genius that completed 7 Degrees in University.

After the Italian style in Jolly-jolly, we come to Windy hill and my first impression is sorta camping but instead of the cliff like in episode 3, it’s on the edge of the forest. Outside the forest, it looks very fertile, cool wind, green trees, beautiful flowers, birds nest to breed, but inside is arid, there are even vultures. I noticed that this is also quite the opposite of the natural environment in real life, if in real life it is a barren desert surrounding an oasis, here on the contrary, fertility surrounds aridity. Also like previous episodes, this one also gives us new knowledge (sasuga big brain Memempu), Tbh, I actually didn’t know enduring the wing causes a tree to thicken its trunk and lets its roots stay strong and survive until this episode (I guess what doesn’t kill you make you stronger applies here too).
Merooro once again expressed himself as a gentleman with an agenda and you won’t like this guy near your daughter. A mysterious person who works for a government organization, good-looking, has a good profile, such people are usually hiding something or they are mentally abnormal and no father would like their daughters in near such people (look at Kray Foresight). Luckily, outside of the suspicious looks but inside he’s just an otaku, well, people usually said “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but I didn’t expect the content of this book to be like this.

Once again, Memempu’s bad habit resurfaces again. Children are always curious about new things, but Memempu is not an ordinary child but a prodigy, so what is new to her must be as big as the temple to the god of wind aka ancient technology. As a reluctant dad, a debtor and a criminal, Gagumber can’t do nothing but accept the repair request.

The maze-like texture change of the factory is awesome but Memempu’s IQ is no less, she figured out the mechanism of the place and fixed them in a heartbeat. The intensity and closeness of the pipe activation scene is pretty badass, seeing Merooro and Gagumber spiting each other to fire themselves up does show that there’s a brief connection between men right there. You would’t think someone that look like a pencil-pusher like Merooro can pull off such a feat with Shippu Gagumber. Speaking of intense, it is impossible not to mention the miracle of Tony, if it wasn’t for the timely activation, the series would have ended from this episode. But yeah, even knowing that there’s no way Memempu’s dead, you just can’t shake that bad premonition. I’m loving Smol Tony more and more, so many functions

Sakugan is still doing well so far, the story line is good and the animation show no signs of going down. “Curiosity killed the cat” but lately Gagumber has accepted it and continued to be Markers with Memempu, as long as Gagumber is with her, she will be safe and achieve her target.