Shikizakura Ep 6: Kakugo Kanyou!

“We want to keep Ibara’s power as low as we can, but let’s give him a trial by combat that may or may not unlock his hidden power so that he can prove himself trustworthy. What could go wrong?” Yeah I’m not sure that’s the best plan there Chief. But that’s what they are going for in ep 6 of Shikizakura.

We got shown a sort of “boyfriend meeting the parents and family for the first time” sort of scene but a bit more…un-friendly this time. My boy Kakeru ate two heel kicks to the face yet his looks is still pristine. What a chad! But we’re seeing the good ol’ naive heroism here which is very similar to Linebarrel’s Kouichi or Revision’s Daisuke. They think that with enough willpower and heart, they can overcome everything life throw at them. Unfortunately, the upcoming Shikizakura Ritual isn’t so simple. It seems that Oka will be the sacrificial Miko this time and Kakeru being so optimistic and carefree means that later on, his despair will be that much deeper.

It was nice seeing Oka and Ryo standing up for Kakeru. Oka is a surefire, but Ryo defending Ibara is quite a surprising move. We learned later on from his mom (she’ hot af btw) that he really, REALLY hates Oni and want to exterminate them all due to a grudge. But yeah, maybe after hanging out with Kakeru and fighting alongside him, he’s changed somewhat, at least in regards to our protag. This feels like a Kamen Rider MC and the secondary Rider relationship lol.

Issa is Ibara and Kakeru’s opponent this episode. And well, you know how it goes. My dude absolutely got stomped in the first 10 minutes or so. Issa must love Obari a lot with that heavy top design and the Obari pose. His mindset is also very interesting, and he’s not just a simple stoic man that follow Benio, but has his own conviction as well. And it just happens to collide with Kakeru’s resolve directly: The fact that they are or aren’t heroes. Which, of course, Kakeru rebuked immediately with his naive ideal but burning passion. Ibara reflecting on himself is…strangely uncharacteristic of himself. Since the start he’s been all about consuming Kakeru and pretty much anyone that got close to the power armor. But now, he seems…very self-reflective and open to the idea of becoming a hero alongside Kakeru. Maybe his heart of justice managed to move the bloodthirsty demon after all. It’s quite an abrupt change, but not something you haven’t seen in other superhero shows.

And here comes the power-up! Ibara definitely watched Dai Guard since he pulled out the Knot Punisher. Looks pretty awesome not gonna lie. And of course they had to be stopped before actually duking it out for real. And Ukon does seem like he has the ability to do so. Flirty guys are usually pretty badass after all. The fight choreograph in this episode is great, mostly Ukon beating the crap out of Ibara in a brutal manner. But hey, gotta put the new kid in his place right?
Great episode overall. Love the exchange between Oka and Kakeru but I also dread their future. It’s probably going to be a tough and impossible decision. The road ahead looks full of challenges but for the moment, Kakeru and Ibara has earned everyone’s recognition. Their true battle start now!

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