Shikizakura ep 11: Destiny’s Crossroad

The final battle commences! The Shikizakura ritual is underway. And Kakeru is rushing towards the most important girl in his life. Can he make it in time?

Oka arrived at the ritual and began the banishment. While Kakeru is still in some far-off place on Kippei’s motorbike. Things seem to be heading towards Oka’s end, that even Benio has accepted the fact. But there are many who have wanted to seize this moment for their own plans.

Okay, I admit that they got me good with the Ukon’s “evil-smug-but-actually-good” heel-face turn. It seems that in the past, the past “Ukon” was possessed by Shuten and ended up like that, but now in present day, Ukon and his family are the true devotees to the Shrine Maiden. My man pulled a pretty nice twist out of nowhere, but too bad, side-characters don’t get to take out the last boss often.

And the obvious truth comes to light (or darkness I should say): Oka’s father was Shuten all along, which also explain why his secretary was a Shinja for years and years. I did wondered about this a while back and now the puzzle pieces finally clicked together. I guess with the literal head of the organization corrupted, the whole thing has no chance to come to light earlier ,aside from Ukon who kept it a secret from everyone else for almost a decade (dude, why?). I mean he could have ditched the secrecy and clued someone in much earlier. He chose to reveal it to Haruko which is an okay choice but still not the best one for sure. However, she has a really cool highlight this ep so imma let that one slide.

Kakeru finally arrived at the scene and stump Benio with his declaration of love (nice one kid). And now we have a literal giant monster on our hands. But no matter, the whole team is here! The Shikizakura Sentai is assembled and will enter all-out battle with the Shuten next ep! The preview of the final episode looks really cool with Oka and Kakeru together!