Megaton Musashi 12: For Those Who Departed

I’m surprised that Level-5’s writing has gone this far! They really do bounce us back-and-forth with all these emotional assault coupled with extremely badass moment. Not to mention the incredible screenplay.

We start off with a very sweet moment. Arshem trying her best to save Yamato. Although through that extremely thick pilot suit, I’m not sure if chest compression can even reach his lungs. Well, at least thanks to that we got to see some CPR. She didn’t shy away for one moment but just went straight in there because she understand the urgency of the moment. Arshem has proven to be a very determined and strong female.

Then we get to the heart-wrenching moment. Teru receiving Minami’s final message: to keep pressing on and that she felt grateful that he has accompanied her all this time, being the first person who believed in the possibility of peace between the two races. With Teru having very little “true” feeling towards his current family, Minami is his only anchor in life, the only motivation for his fighting spirit. Now that she’s gone, I wonder if Teru can keep going. But he sure proved himself: He put up one hell of a fight and showed that he will finish what Minami started. We only got some Minami – Teru in-depth development for the past 2 episodes but they succeeded in making us care about the two and feel very emotional when things happen to them, a great example of side character building.

And not just that, Musashi piled on the pain with Jun’s indomitable fighting spirit. She put up one hell of a last encore, true to her brass and straightforward characters. The series really made us feel for these characters even though, well, they are quite one-dimensional, however their screen time was utilized very well. Their development was delivered hard and fast and effective. I really really wanted her to live so we can see more of her later. Also Ren going berserk after that was a really cool scene.

Back to Yamato and Grieffas, my boy really take after the Getter team, where they kickass both outside and inside the cockpit. The fight between Grieffas and Yamato was CLEAN as heck. Not just 3D but Musashi also has great 2D as well. But I gotta admit, Yamato is wayyyy crazier than he show, dude dove head first into a light saber duel when he watched a steel beam get melted like butter yet use his arms and legs to kick the guy. Which is pretty nuts. I didn’t take Grieffas to be that much of a hard-headded dude, but I guess he’s not an easy guy to convince. What’s surprising is the reveal of his and Sarzant’s feelings for the Arshem though (if he didn’t die we would be calling the FBI). The Arshem queen vision is pretty well made, my man got a vivid imagination. May he rest in peace.

And then the mech combat! Oh boi this episode shows us how nuts Super Robot tech can be with absolutely zero explanation. My man just created a Super Duper Extremely Huge sword out of thin air and that sword grew even BIGGER. The Muramasa sword (heh!) is definitely a reference to the classic Zankantou that the Grungust Type-0 wield, with thrusters on the back and all. And that scene was badass as heck! A massive Shippuu Dotou that split a giant vib…missile into two.

Ixia is safe, but Yamato was forced to leave Arshem behind. However, both of them didn’t despair because they knew the other won’t give up. We got a glimpse of a nwe character that looks like a combination of Ozma and Sleggar Law. The preview for the next episode is pretty insane too! Megaton Musashi is definitely the best anime of this season by a long shot.