Rumble Garanndoll ep 10: Forgotten Past

Everything was decided, whether Arahabaki could resist the Shinchuu military’s incoming attack is a question unanswered. But before that, this Rumble Garanndoll episode 10 will answer the rest questions about the past of Hosomichi.

The beginning of this episode is a scene from 10 years ago, the accident that made Akiba what it is now. It seems that Yamada-san’s personality in the past and now hasn’t changed much, still a person full of energy, just more experienced. Everyone has their own way of moving forward even though it is different but both Mimi-san and Yamada-san are still shouldering that guilt. I still don’t know if Mimi was a Denchi Shoujo in the past (but she most likely is), I hope there’s a hint about this in the last episode and I hope these two become a couple.

Colonel Akatsuki was determined to put aside his previous reservations and seriously attack Akiba, but somewhere in him there still seem to be some compassion for this place and for the people who were here by giving them 24 hours to get out before he dropped Tokyo Big Sight on Akiba (definitely meteorites, colonies and Australia reference :))) ). The fans of the Heisei era are still the same. Their response is very democratic and they think they are in a position to speak out here, while everyone all know where this is going. Either they join Arahabaki and fight or surrender and silently withdraw. As Hayate said, those people don’t seem to transmit any positive energy at all, what a pity. It’s also a good contrary to what we usually see in mecha anime where the Captain ask the crew to leave but every single one stay, but in “reality” it isn’t that compatriotic and ideal.

The saddest part is Hosomichi, his past has been clarified and why he fell into this situation. It can be said that his father failed both as a father and as an anime producer. If there was time, perhaps Hosomichi would open up more and change. but the reality is always harsh and Hosomichi is the one to accept it the fastest, maybe that’s why he is called empty and always put on a fake smile.

I will say it again even though I have said it many times. Munataka-san, I really hate you and look down on you but thank you for doing your part in this story, appreciate it. at least there’s something worthwhile in this ep, it’s really unbelievable that Tanaka-san is a girl who is not only pretty but also shining (literally lol), seems like the best loli and the unique loli title of this series doesn’t belong to Misa.

The next two episodes is already the last of this series (surely these 2 episodes are about Hosomichi coming back and the big war breaking out), time flies so fast it’s almost the end of the season with a lot of mecha being broadcast. The next 2 eps will be the conclusion of this series’ journey as well as the completion of Hosomichi’s character arc, and also show us the complete form of the Garanndoll, 3 Denchi Shoujo in 1 plug system, hope there will be a form that fuses all 3 powers together.