Series Recommendation: Symphogear G

In the distance, that day, when the star became music…
A sequel to the series of the same name – Senki Zesshou Symphogear, Symphogear G is where Satelight improved on the good things of season 1 and get rid of the weaknesses (if you know, you know). Released only one year after the first season, Symphogear G managed to re-establish the series as a unique concept where it mixes combat power armor with music.

The story continues from the first season, with Chris joining the SONG team and the trio Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris use their Symphogear to deal with Noise incidents. Of course, trouble once again was stirred up by a mysterious organization called FIS that seems to have ties with Finé. And what’s more, backing them is a well-known idol with a Sypmhogear just like Tsubasa. But her Gear is an unexpected Gear that leave all in shock, especially Hibiki: A Dark Gungnir.

+ Plot: Symphogear G took the plot of season 1 and ran away with it. In a sense, it’s pretty much more of the same thing but this time with different character focus. While Hibiki is still receiving the bulk of the attention, the rest of the Gear users also got their due focus. In season one, there are a lot to do for Hibiki and Tsubasa since they are the main heroines, but in G there’s more room to focus on the other characters, especially Chris and Maria. If there’s a constance in the series, it’s that the American big wigs are always greedy meddlers and Genjuurou can solo the last boss if he wanted to (dude’s crazy man). Kirika and Shirabe (the users of the Green and Pink Gear) have some really nice subplot going on for them (*wink wink). Overall, the story is decent, but with much more yuri energy.

+ Animation: This is where Satelight learn the most from season 1. They really put the budget into this one compared to the previous season. There are no awkward frames and animation where they look like cardboard cut-outs moving on a solid background. Although there are some moments that look pretty hilarious (the Shirabe slide). The action also receive a bit of polish and is generally a bit more extravagant compared to the first season since the main gear trio got A LOT of new stuff, especially Chris with the Heavy-Arms dakka spam. The Dark Gungnir is also very different from how Hibiki use it in terms of both looks and function, so there’s something new to the table. The new Gears are also quite unique in terms of naming and concept as well, and we see some pretty nice combination this season.

+ Gear Design: Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris got a slight visual upgrade. Their Gear looks a bit different than before as well as the transformation sequence. The Dark Gungnir’s design is full of illustrious dignity which really fit Maria’s personality and a nice contrast to Hibiki. The mechanical element of the Gear are also amplified – especially on Hibiki’s Gungir and Chris’ Ichaival. One of the new Gear – the Shul Shagana – contains a lot of Mecha references but the most obvious one is Voltes V with the Choudenji Yoyos.

+ Music: I mean…you can probably guess how this aspect fares. The music has always been Symphogear priority and this season is no exception. We got some new songs and of course, new Nana Mizuki’s epic opening. Youko Hikasa proved to be a valuable addition to the lineup to add another strong female vocal. Kirika and Shirabe is the moe and mischevious type where as Maria is the “ara ara” energy one. “Apple” quickly became one of the most iconic insert song in the franchise. The amount of good track in Symphogear definitely skyrockets with each season.

+ Conclusion: Senki Zesshou Symphogear G is a massive improvement compared to the first season. We got a more polished product in terms of animation and more talented seiyuus/songstresses to join as well. The plot is pretty much more of the same thing but still very solid. The side-characters receive a lot more love and they in turn contribute to the main trio with their dynamic relationship. Music and animation is a 10/10 so there’s nothing to complain about. It is a great sensory and visual experience when it comes to Symphogear. Also Hibiki x Miku is soooo obvious XD.