Rumble Garanndoll ep 11: Hero comeback

The enemy was very close, Hosomichi and Munakata stole Garanndoll partly to make money and find a way to live, and another reason was to make Arahabaki’s people give up and escape. But it seems nothing has changed and the one who is called back by the Denchi Shoujo is Hosomichi.

All Denchi Shoujos still have a lot of faith in Hosomichi especially Rin. Until now I have to say that although Rin is the girl who has known Hosomichi the longest, her arc has 3 episodes, and even later on her appearance isn’t much due to the introduction of the other Denchi Shoujo, but she’s probably the one with the most “soul resonance” with Hosomichi’s.

Yuki is the spirit, Rin is the bond, and Misa is the emotional debt. All of these are the things that Hosomichi has pulled out in the girls’ souls, helping them to change and become more mature as they are now. But what about Hosomichi, those girls still need him and now is the time for him to answer their call. Like Rin said “If you ever had a moment of excitement from being with us, now is the time you should return the favor!”. Rin said it all the best part, I can’t believe none of them have developed a relationship with Hosomichi to the point of romance, the series doesn’t have enough time for that either. But to say that, Rin is probably the one closest to Hosomichi and at least I hope in the end there will be a clear expression between them.
About Munakata, I thought he was a guy like Job Trunicht but turns out the situation is very Nick Fury.  Luckily for him, instead of him losing an eye because of trust “someone” he only got a scar on his eyebrow. Because of that past accident, he became what he is now. kill them with your kindness in this case Munakata is “them”, because he has care something else, he accidentally ends up his kind in him close.

Garanndoll moved on its own as if it were a reflection of Hosomichi’s heart, like it want to say that he must return. At the same time, this Garanndoll acts as a reference for mechas like Fafner, ES or Unicorn, the machine responds to the wishes of the pilot. Surprisingly, this episode had a visual error, at 18:36 minutes, Garanndoll was installed with batteries even though the girls hadn’t arrived yet. Although this is not a big error but maybe they should check it out and fix it in the BD. Also, the scene that transforms into red Shark 1 I think is another reference, this time it’s Kamen rider Zeronos Zero from, changed to red and there’s an anomaly. Is this a new power or a forbidden power?
Garanndoll has only 1 episode left, and as an original series with 12 eps, it has fulfilled its role, the next episode will be the ending of the series, 3 in 1, trinity powers like the form of Zi-o, Agito, Kiva lol.