Kyoukai Senki 12: Island Battle

The epic sensation from episode 9 has returned, and it has taken form in this episode. Intense mech on mech battle with a touch of tactics and teamwork of Kenbu, Jogan, Reiki all for one mission: taking down The Ghost, the untamable monster appearing in episode 4.

With that said, let’s recap a little bit. The anime started with the Asian force getting devastated by none other than the Ghost itself. The anime show its evolution not only in brute strength but also in its intelligence, with the “finish them” move by crushing the commanding vehicle. Although this was not the first time it have killed human, but this probably the first time we saw it destroy something that didn’t engage it directly. A terrifying beast as it should be. And its next target are places that has Japanese living there, so Yatagarasu dispatched forces to rescue them and destroy Ghost for good.

Gashin, as always, want to take down Ghost. He trained as hard as he could in order to bring that beast down and revenge his father, combine with the previous “hate-to-lose” trait from the previous episode, we now knew why Gashin want to take down Ghost so bad, both for others and his own sake. Amou and Shion helped him as well, as Amou did not want a single life taken by Ghost anymore, while Shion wanted to help her friends. We had a short training montage depicting how hard those three have trained for and laid a foundation for the battle with the Ghost in the second half.

Now, that Brad guy is aiming something, and my theory is that he wants to capture Ghost, as he told Amou the information regarding the location of Ghost. With the Yatagarasu’s movement, his plan is working and probably in the next episode he will show his next card.

Oh, I almost forgot the Asian Lieutenant in this episode. Short screentime but he was well depicted as what an Asian soldier, commander should be. He got the guts to fight with Ghost, and the care for his subordinates. Hopefully we will see him more in the latter episode.
Finally, the fight. All I could say was they are well done, but I will wait for the 13th episode to see the rest of the fight and make my verdict.
Next episode: the finale of the fight.