Kyoukai Senki ep 7: Ghostbusters

To slay a ferocious beast, the hunters must work together.
Man, It has been a while to see supporting characters having a well-developed spotlight – and an “antagonist” at that. This episode is for Brad, one of the commanders of the North American Alliance in Kyoukai Senki. We learned about his backstory, his duty and his obsession to AMAIM. To sum things up: he is a mecha enthusiast (just like our protag), a soldier that understands the surroundings, a great man to his subordinates and a great mix of pilot skills and commanding skills. His teamfight against the Ghosts are well done in many ways, from animation to the strategy to take down the beast is one of the best. 86 had this as well but because of how OP the Juggernaut 2.0 is when they are in hands of experts like the Eighty-Six you could not feel the strategy that they actually used. Kyoukai Senki though, especially with no overpowered AMAIMS, just grunts and a slightly better command unit with good strategies, has succeed in making people believe that they have to use tactics to bring down the enemy, sometimes, at the expense of their comrades. Man, that “AP” scene though, brutal asf.
Aside from that, Kyoukai Senki sure knows how to make fun of the government system in some countries, or should I say: make fun of some people think that let outsiders do all the works for you is the best. In one of the lines when Brad stated the truth of what his country actually did to Japan, there is one line that describe exactly one thing about a certain country’s defense commander. And Kyoukai Senki also used one of the most familiar tropes in the book:the top-brass are greedy and ruthless while the actual soldier on the field may not be as bad. Brad is basically an idealist and revolutionist in a way, he is patriotic to a certain degree but I’m sure he won’t condone the way some other countries treat Japanese like trash. Who knows, he could be a Meio Plato later down the line.

Oh and one more thing, Shion is cute. Like, really, really cute.