Shikizakura ep 5: Bloodstained Hero

Well, for each anime waifu we need to have at least one (or two) over-protective siblings/parents. And episode 5 introduces us to Ooka’s sister: Benio, along with a new type of Oni that open Kakeru’s eyes to the reality of his occupation as “hero”.

You can’t do the classic one-two punch without some cheerful light-hearted stuff at the start. The usual “my onee-san is coming and she’s super strict” kinda trope has been played a few times and Shikizakura has been sticking with the typical tropes so far. Even Benio’s gang follow the typical senpai trio style with the lieutenants being a tough and strict guy and a flirty playboy-ish guy. Well, if they played their cards right, Shikizakura could become a decent show, albeit without any groundbreaking execution up till this point .

And after that comes the gut punch. Benio’s team and Kakeru’s join up for an Oni hunt. But their target this time isn’t just ordinary Oni that is trying to take over people’s body, but an Oni who has already consumed a person’s being. And, of course, as usual, the answer is that there is no cure for such phenomenon, and that said person is too far gone to save. Therefore the only answer is to put him out of his misery. The show also added the crocodile’s tear play to to make it even more ambiguous if the human inside is truly gone or not.

No matter, Benio herself dealth the finishsing blow, right in front of Kakeru – a boy with idealistic vision about how he’s gonna be a hero and save the people just like his saviour from years back. His vision was shattered by that one thrust of Benio’s sword into the victim’s heart. Of course, he could not accept such a thing, and will most likely struggle to find an alternative in the future. But right now, he was taken into custody because, well, Ibara. You may forgot because the dude’s been chill lately, but he’s one of the most vicious Oni out there. And a high-ranking team like the Black Team is definitely hot on his tail.