Rumble Garanndoll ep 9: Apocalypse’s Eve

After the fire-weapon fight from the previous episode, in this episode, it seems that the Shinchuu Military seems to have reached their limit. They’ll definitely take action one way or another, and there’s certainly no shortage of killjoys from some characters.

In this episode, we will meet the leaders of the Shinchuu army, one of them have long hair with bright color and in the past long hair, light colors, leader and villain vibe can never be underestimated (Otto from HI3, Kirschtaria from FGO in Greek singularity…). To be fair, they’ve failed quite a bit since the beginning of the series (cause of Hosomichi main character aura lol). I was quite surprised because Tanaka soft toy is so popular that there are so many orders. And in an anime full of connections to otaku culture, an expo can’t be missing, It seems that thanks to the intense battle last time, many rare goods have been unearthed, hopefully, the people down there will find the light of civilization again.

In this ep Hosomichi and colonel Akatsuki meet for the first time. It can be said that two people in a situation can understand each other but at the same time their positions are too opposite. This is a common motif in shounen anime but it is never out of fashion. whether before or after they also have to face each other in the fight, it is really petitioners in the narrow lane. but if I guess the script right, the ending for these two will be really bromance.

Once again the character Munakata makes me feel uncomfortable and unnecessary. Although he is only fulfilling his role as a debt collector, that job is his bread and butter after all, but this character is really too wasteful, redundant and now he’s acting like a drunk dickhead and messing up everything like (man, this guy now really reminded me to Iok of IBO). We don’t even know who his bookie is and what role they really play in this 12-episode anime and they also haven’t appeared yet.
The animation this ep has some pretty “industry” shot, as we often see in many anime series to reduce the burden on the animation department, allowing them to focus more on the action scenes in the next ep. But you can see that the supporting characters can draw in general but there are some scenes where the important characters lose face lol.

At the end of this ep we can see many of Shinchuu army’s ships, although it was colonel Akatsuki who just made his own decisions, those ships acted too quickly and seems to ignore his orders and obeyed their superiors (definitely the long hair boss orders). I also realize that the governments of both sides are only reminded from the beginning of the series until now, whether they will show up and show us their power, whether the bookie that the Hosomichi owes is related to the government (cause in this chaos era they quite abuse). Countdown to last 3 eps, hope the scriptwriter can arrange a satisfactory answer and the animation of those last 3 eps will be grandiose.