Shikizakura ep 10: Hero’s Return

Well, Shikizakura is going according to a hero’s show script to a T for now. Ukon turned out to be evil (well duh) and Kakeru ponders what he could do for Oka – as powerless as he is.

Okay, so the part with Haruko was surprising. She also hid a dark deep secret underneath, masked by her affection for Kaede. Now I want some yuri doujins of the two. Well, Ukon definitely took advantage of that and wormed his way in and tricked her into following his agendas. That’s probably the twist for the ending.

Kippei came to Kakeru’s rescue. Well, more like he was stranded in the province. Benio came and dueled him for Oka. And, of course, Kakeru lost. Without Ibara’s power, Kakeru is basically a novice fighter. Though he was able to pull off a “blank” form of his armor. Well, it also shows that he is truly fighting alone this time, and that there won’t be any “crazy” Oni to save him this time. It’s really heart-wrenching to see Benio laid her “wish” bare in front of Kakeru. Well, from what she has been displaying, it’s definitely understandable that she felt that way towards her sister. Noone wanted their loved ones to sacrifice themselves. Benio lost her mother, and now her dearest sister is going to share the same fate.

When in doubt, a lecture from your best bro will wake you up. The city is under attack, Oka is gone (with Ukon of all people, so that’s bad) and his strength gone, Kakeru sunk into a slump of depression and just…well…sit there. It does show that eh wanted to tell Kippei everything if he asked, but that’s juts lazy escapism by looking for a place to escape from. But Kippei understood him. Such a thing might be too much for Kakeru, who also suffered from a very bad incident. Not to mention, Kakeru also “saved” Kakeru in a way, so now it’s his turn to return the favor when his best bro is in a bind.

Oka showed up briefly this episode, but the impact of her action was quite significant. Now that everything is progressing towards the final stage, everything will hinge upon Kakeru and his resolve. Ukon will definitely mess up the ritual somehow, and who knows who will be fighting who by the next ep with all these “sides” popping up. Looking forward to an explosive conclusion.