Megaton Musashi 11: Lifting the veil

Yay we got “Musashi” back as an opening! Furthermore, this ep was a real rollercoaster!

Arshem being held at gunpoint was honestly a reasonable development, but we all know how the events will play out. Nevertheless, seeing another person with the same “opinion” as Yamato clashing with the new Yamato and Arshem was nice. The two was able to come to an understanding that maybe, just maybe, that not all Dractors/Sidr are bad, and Arshem is one of them. Sanuma probably won’t be able to come to terms with the situation that fast but Arshem’s action will show her sincerity.

Well, the mayor thing is another “not-so-surprise” surprise. We have seen in previous ep that he really love his “peace” in the shelter, so we can deduce that he would hate it if Ixia was to go into full-war status. Didn’t expect him to pulled out a gun and did what he did. Commander Minami got shot squared in the chest and I guess all those “fat tissue” couldn’t stop the bullet. Everyone at the commanding office took the revelation of her identity rather calm though. I guess since she has been spearheading the whole operation and work tirelessly for humanity’s survival, they can’t really change the way they look at her. Poor Teru-kun, he wasn’t even able to be by her side,and shortly after the battle was turning in their favor too. That must have been a gut-wrenching moment when she called him.

Yamato faced off against Grieffas – our over-protective zealot of Arshem. Well after finding out he dified the Queen’s order and that she considered getting rid of Arshem along with shelter, I thought our princess would try to convince Grieffas to join their side, but maybe she hasn’t thought of that yet. Though from this ep, there’s an interesting parallel between Arshem x Yamato and Lacus x Kira from Gundam Seed. They both want to find a way for both “species” to co-exist. Although Yamato’s conversion is a much more exciting journey, as he changed from just raw anger to a more “understanding” mindset. He still couldn’t forgive the Dractors, especially those that killed his family, but he’s more open-minded now after meeting Arshem.

Pretty decent combat this episode. Highlight is probably Musashi vs Grieffas. Grieffas obviously outgun our chonky boy since he seems to be the agile type. But Yamato activated his “superhuman” state and helf his own pretty well. Well, I guess Arshem is inside the cockpit so he didn’t want to go all out just yet. The new mechs for Ryuugo and Teru is pretty awesome. Love their combo working together. Everyone else was relatively upbeat and energetic. Can’t wait till they find out about Minami and Teru just going into a blinding rage. The commander replacement came pretty fast though, and it’s the genius ojou-sama we saw in the briefing before. I like how Musashi didn’t really “forget” any characters and gave everyone some sort of recognition one way or another.