Kyoukai Senki ep 6: Gallant Entry

Welcome back to the review of this week episode. Before saying anything, translating a certain character’s lines probably made the translator both cringe and smile all at the same time, the same could go with the voice actor that had to voice a supreme chuunibyo. With that said, let’s get to the review.

First of all, the story goes pretty slow as always. In this episode we were introduced to the 協力員, which could be roughly translated as “helpers” in English. They are the one that assist the Resistance gather information and transport supplies. The anime never gave us too much information in one go, rather than that they decided to give us bit by bit like this. This would be a great way for the story of anime if it has at least 2-cour (which is actually likely since it’s a Sunrise show). Some may not like the slow pace of the anime but hey, every show has its cons and pros. We also had an episode for Gashin and Amou to build their relationship. Nothing beat terrorist teambuilding! And just like the previous episodes, the AIs in Kyoukai Senki have already become best buds.

This episode finally showed us the 3rd pilot: Shion, the pilot for the 3rd MAILes unit. Her drive and motivation to fight, even though was just a montage flashback, got introduced properly with visuals. And considering how she opened a can of whoop-ass on the Oceania and Asia’s army all at once, you may have thought that man this girl is both sweet and badass, but the cry she made at the end of the episode did a good job to deepen her character more. Clever, I will say. Her AI companion is, well, a sassy Italian with an attitude for sure. Funda”mentally” different from the other AI, Angelo sure knows how to work his “mouth”.

Now, the star of Kyoukai Senki, the mech battle. Of course, Sunrise delivered. Reiki’s debut was such a feast. The storyboard for it made clear to the audience that Reiki is a high speed AMAIM with flight capability, makes it OP as hell compare to the others mech like Nyuren and Bunyip. Talking about Bunyip, man I feel sorry for it to become the first “bad guy” for Kenbu. It made the AMAIM feel weak and made us wonder: how the hell the Oceania could make this their main battle force? Well this episode answered that question perfectly. It’s fast, agile with bombastic firearms and capable of moving from places to places with ease. Seeing the Nyurens got completely wasted thanks to Bunyip’s firepower made me shivered a bit. Sadly though, once again it became a springboard for Reiki to shine, at least it got Nyuren as fodder company. The emphasis on Reiki’s mobility was through the roof and it downed what seemed like 50 units in matters of minutes.

Next episode, we have the official debut of North American AMAIM, also the red hair guy will have a debut as a pilot. Feel familiar? Yup, Graham Aker’s clone. Fortunately, his opponent is not a Gundam. (If you think about it, Reiki’s debut is followed with the debut of NA’s AMAIM, and they can fly. Makes sense with this order don’t you think?)