Review – Revoltech Muv Luv Alternative: Takemikazuchi Type-00R

Sword of the Imperial Royal Guards and the Empire of Japan – Takemikazuchi

Info: Revoltech Takemikazuchi Type-00R

  • Manufacturer: Kaiyodo
  • Series: Revoltech Muv Luv Alternative
  • Price: 3038 yen
  • Release date: Aug 2011

Sculpt & painting: Takemikazuchi is one of the TSFs with the best design. It looked like a Japanese general and the design was inspired by Mamoru Nagano’s style. Unlike other countries’ TSF, the Takemikazuchi isn’t base on any existing aircraft, giving Kouki full creative freedom to make it however he wanted, and the result is perfect. The Type-00R has purple color, the color of the Shogun (and is also the best performance of them all). Painting of revoltech is quite good, the matte paint is quite durable. 

Articulation & posing: Articulations of revoltech are really good and solid. All joints can help you pose comfortably. The large feet allow the fig to stand firmly without action base. The Jump Units can be moved freely to create very dynamic poses. Thanks to TSF mostly having hour-glass bodies, they are very dynamic and fit perfectly with Revoltech’s aesthetic. 

Accessories & gimmick: This fig is quite lacking in accessories:

  • X1 Type-87 Assault Cannon
  • X1 Type-74 PB Blade
  • X2 Type-00 Close Combat Dagger
  • X2 Blade Sheath
  • X2 Jump Unit
  • X1 effect part

Kaiyodo should add one more Assault Cannon and one PB Blade just like in the visual novel. Instead, you’ll have to buy 2 units to have a full load-out. Thankfully they are quite cheap, but it would be much more valuable if Revoltech added an extra of every weapon and increase the price slightly. The loadout it comes with is the basic Storm Vanguard loadout. 

  • Type-87 Assault Cannon
  • Type-74 PB Blade
  • Type-00 Close Combat Dagger
  • Blade Sheath
  • & Jump Unit

    Overall: Revoltech Takemikazuchi is a really good figure. Compared to A3 and Kotobukiya, Revoltech balances the affordability and playability very nicely. Looks good, wide range of action and quite cheap. If you are already a fan of Muv Luv Alternative and Meiya, this is a worthy figure to recommend. Let’s kill all Beta and save humanity with your Sword God of Thunder! 

    —> Score: 8/10