Review – Revoltech Muv Luv Alternative: Type-94 Shiranui United Nations Force

Info: Revoltech Type-94 Shiranui United Nations Force

  • Manufacturer: Kaiyodo
  • Series: Revoltech Muv Luv Alternative
  • Price: 3038 yen
  • Release date: Jan 2012

 Sculpt & painting: Unlike the majority of TSF, the Shiranui doesn’t corporate a specific fighter jet into its design, but it still has the overall TSF proportions: big shoulders, slim waist, and streamlined limbs. Shiranui‘s design is a combination of the bulky Gekishin and the elegant Takemikazuchi. This figure has a good matte paint. The UN color is really suitable.

Articulation & posing: Revoltech’s articulation is so amazing. I like them so much because it can pose very comfortably. Plus all of the joints (except the waist swivel) are revoltech joints so they are highly durable, even the Jump Unit and Sub-arms.

Accessories & gimmick: While it comes with a standard loadout, this figure can use some extra accessories. It only has:

  • X1 Type-87 Support Assault Cannon
  • X1 Type-74 PB Blade
  • X2 Type-65 PB Knife
  • X2 Blade Sheath
  • x2 Sub-arms
  • X2 Jump Unit
  • X1 effect part

I think they should at least add one more PB Blade and one Assault Cannon. The usual loadout we see in anime and VN typically has 2 guns.

  • Type-87 Support Assault Cannon
  • Type-74 PB Blade
  • Type-65 PB Knife
  • Sub-arms
  • Blade Sheath
  • and Jump Unit

    Overall: Revoltech Shiranui is really good TSF fig. If you love the Muv Luv series then why not buy one right away. It is the pride of the Japanese engineering and is a very successful unit in combat. 

    –> Scrore: 8/10