Gundam Breaker Battlogue 3: He just did what?

I mean, when you think the Gundam Breaker Battlogue can’t get any cringier and edgier, it hit us in the face with what is probably the worst masked character in the franchise.

After the last “edgy” showing on the Unicorn statue, our masked villain decided to show himself for real this time. And oh boy, that sent chills down my spine, but not the good badass menacing way, but in a chuuni please-make-it-end way. And the 1/20 pilot figurine did some pretty “questionable” behaviors as well. But his personality aside, he must be some kind of master hacker and action movie actor to be able to hack the system at a deep level, and remove the freaking stairs to the 1:1 Gundam statue (like, where’s the goddamn security lol)

Well, Gunpla struck by the “Gunpla Prison” is rendered immobile and can be disassembled and reassembled as the hacker will. How terribly original (Transformers AoE flashback). Oh well, gotta have some really simple threat that can be solved in a simple way for such a short episode count.

Well, at least we got some good eye-candy this episode (no not the Barbataurus). The battle that Ryusei, Sana and Touma showed us was at least very entertaining. It was quite short but expected. Previous Battlogue are just battle simulations that have little to no plot at all and just went straight to the action, therefore they got much more time to execute the money-maker (Gunpla ads). But for this one, they have to come up with a convoluted yet short plot to incorporate into the series, which is why it feels quite lackluster at times. Hopefully we get more exciting Obari-battle in the later episode.