Ancient G’s Frame ep 5: Sacrifice

This week’s ancient G-Frame enter a new phase as the “new” AG team trying to work with their new leader, Luna. And Xing Lan gets to meet the people that are more familiar with her family than herself.
We are introduced to Lieutenant Zoey Peterson (pretty American name) who is the captain of the destroyer Normandy (well I guess that explains that). She is a fearless captain who isn’t afraid to throw down her lives for the G-Frame, but she can be quite extreme. She knows about Xing Yao – Xing Lan’s sister – and she probably admire her spirit. Well, she appears to be quite a strict and tough military personnel, but I’m sure Xing Lan will “soften” her up soon enough.
Luna was designated as the new AG team’s Leader, and from what we’ve seen of her in previous episodes, we can say that she’s quite a stickler for rules. And this holds true in this episode as well, as she demanded the bset performance everyone can deliver, which led her to be a bit harsh on Xing Lan and Arhena. Well, the captain also gave her advice to become more flexible and not be so high maintenance all the time, which is quite important when it comes to teamwork.
The Nergal attack comes (well duh), and the destroyer Normandy intends to sacrifice itself to draw the Nergal’s attack at the expense of Captain Zoey’s live (well that was fast). However, in true shounen (shojo?) fashion, our main character muster up the courage and determination to not let anyone else throw away their lives just for her. And that there is always a way to protect both. Well, it is the typical stubbornness of an idealistic main character. And that is precisely what awaken Fuxi and Nuwa, and once again, we got to witness the awesomeness that is Divinegon. After channeling Obari in its first appearance, this time it call upon the heroic stance of Gunbuster. That was an epic moment

Toushinki G’s Frame is sorta following the Dancouga’s style of development, except this time it’s more Space than Earth. Super Robots fighting against aliens under the banner of an organized military organization. The variance of the mechs and character’s personality really help liven up the series, since they can use the girls’ mental immaturity to create very uplifting moments, which also helps boost the seriousness when they need it. Overall, a very good episode.