Rumble Garanndoll ep 6: Daily life of a Host, an Otaku and an Idol

After the dynamic live show on previous episode, looks like this week’s episode is a break episode. However, even if this ep doesn’t have any fight scenes, it still provides us with a lot of worldbuilding as well as reveal the past of Yamada…I mean Commander Balzac.

The opening scene begins with Hosomichi and our two Denchi Shoujos living under the same roof. He now looks no different than a capable househusband, he can be a host, good partner, good manager and now a good cook too (I’m the bone of my sword intensifies :v). Like the elders said “The way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach”, according to Rin’s review, Hosomichi’s food looks really good, personally I also find that egg fried noodle with tomato sauce looks attractive, Can’t blame her if Rin gained some weight :))). Under the same roof, one girl has a boy’s hobbies, one is a tsundere (bad mouthing but don’t hate him), now this is the time to make a wise decision.
Of course, because this is a break episode so it will have some fan service scenes andddd that is a bath scene with the ladies. We can see that Hosomichi is not Rin-chan’s type but it would be boring to not be by his side (so it’s a partner zone I guess :v), with Yuki-rin seems like a manager or slave zone lol. Also in this episode, we can see that Hosomichi has changed since the beginning. If in the first ep everyone said he was a genius of “faking” a smile, then now we can see that his character has developed quite a bit. From a guy who always wears an empty mask to being a caring yet sometimes strict person, and we can see he’s been very well developed over the time, his relationship with those girls is like filling and repairing him. Even Yamada Balzac-san has to admit that at first he hates Hosomichi, but later he had come to understand Hosomichi as a person, sincere and kind even though Hosomichi is just a “masqueraded” playboy.
About the event 10 years ago of Genkoku and Shinkoku, seems like Shinkoku (Showa Japan) is Japan win the WW2, which mean in that world the Nazis have won. In the world where Japan still has the so-called a Bushido, a Yamato Damashii, a culture of self-respect, chivalry, integrity, and loyalty… . Compare to the Genkoku (Heisei Japan), it could be said that it looked like ancestors witnessing their descendants’ fall from grace. Imagine, the previous generation spent their whole life to fight for the country, while the next generation was cowardly, weak, toxic, useless, worthless… A young person addicted to the virtual world, easily depressed, hides from the world and burden the family, has no ideal of life, knows everything but has no dream, just wants to make money. Can’t blame them, Genkoku Japan is a loser in WW2, the Allies knew their strength, how dangerous they are, so of course they used all possible means to break the will of the Japanese Showa people, can tell that Americans have brought everything from drugs to girls, or entertainment, spreading pleasures that make a Japanese Empire go extinct, become harmless people to ensure that there will not be any more Japanese fascist empires in the future, turn the next generation into tigers in the zoo, predators with their fangs broken.

Because of that, as a person of the Showa era, they will definitely do whatever it takes to bring about a powerful Japanese empire. However, not all the things in Heisei era are bad, Idols aren’t criminals, anime and manga aren’t bad either, and Shinchuu military or Shinkoku really have no right to ban such things. Like I said in previous episode review “Maybe there’s no such thing as a bad thing in itself, it’s just the way people use it right or wrong”. I’m sure there’s a way to both keep their entertainment value and awaken their “Japanese spirit”. Speaking of which, the end Showa era is 1989, at that time, there were also retro anime that were valuable in life and had many meaningful lessons, although it is still available today, it is much more restricted by laws. So it can be said that the nature of anime, manga or idols is not bad, It’s just that this era is a tumultuous and difficult one.
Overall, this week’s ep doesn’t have any fight scenes, but it still retains the good storytelling (really, I didn’t expect that the little shark at the first ep was still alive lol). Also the revelation about Balzac-san’s past, he made a mistake and now can only see everything through sunglasses (experienced man often have sadness in their eyes :v). This ep also introduces us to the last Denchi Shoujo who is a hacker, well tech-savvy Otakus are usually depicted as such, like Daru the badass hacker in stein gate. I guess her Garanndoll will be like Valvrave-6 Hiasobi.