Megaton Musashi 8: Unforgiven

Things are getting dicey on the backline. A full-blown confrontation with Arshem and her attendant. The rage inside Yamato exploded against the aliens that took everything from him. And Momoka finally join the battle.

The confrontation between Yamato, Kazaki and Arshem’s attendant went down much more violent than I thought. Yamato have zero intent to listen and just went straight to murdering bat-swinging. Arshem took over Kanzaki’s body and explain her intention to him but he just disregard all of them. In a way, he’s very similar to Flit from Gundam Age. No matter if the people in front of him is actually responsible or not, he just want to wipe them all out. Though I do understand why he feel that way, after regaining his painful memory not long ago, he jumped into battle without even batting an eye for vengeance, now that he can finally reached the actual member of the alien race, and not just mindless warmachines, it’s not a surprise that he blew his lid. Will be a pretty interesting story of how Arshem can convince him. Since the idea of co-existing certainly isn’t even registered in his mind.

Momoka and Jun’s “relationship” is also quite fun to see. The two headstrong girls absolutely hate each other guts. They constantly compete with each other over the smallest and dumbest thing. And our two “unfortunate” companions Kouta and Takumi will definitely get dragged into the crossfire sooner or later. For the moment, Kouta and Takumi doesn’t seem to be getting pilot training since they will be the brains of the organization, but I sure hope they can grab themselves a Megaton-class and go ham.

My boy Maximus got some new stuff to show off this episode. A ranged Gladiator type is definitely new in my book. The Colosseum skill was pretty fantastical but really badass (but where did those rods came from lol?) , We get to see another dakka spam from Momoka and Jun. And surprisingly, their “women’s intuition” work perfectly in tandem with each other, makes you wonder where the bickering couple from before went. Was a very entertaining fight for them.

However, things aren’t that “simple”. The queen has deemed Arshem unneeded and ordered the city destroyed. So now the Dracters are bringing the big gun (dragon?). That huge Mobile Armor is definitely one of the boss in the game. Looks sorta like a mid-boss. But in the anime, even 2 finishers couldn’t even dent the thing. Really looking forward to some absolutely brutal fight from Musashi next ep.