Ancient G’s Frame ep 6: The Forgotten Land

Damn these space ninjas be cutting onions! Episode 6 of Ancient G’s Frame brought us to a somber, devastated land which hold a lot of memories for the only non-human on-board: Aer.

The episode started with some light-hearted fan-service. Well no swimsuits or bathrooms are involved, so this is quite a nice change of pace. A pretty fun magic show was performed with Luna as the main attraction. Gotta say this is quite a unique take. Love the sequence. Even the Admiral is getting on it lol. For an all-girls anime, fan-service is pretty much guaranteed. It’s just a matter of how blatant they are about it. And AGF did a good job providing some refreshing fan-service that also act as team-building for the characters too.

After that, we set foot on the Red Planet – Mars. Aer took us to the ancient Nebell civilization’s ruin, where there is nothing left except desecrated bodies of White Giants. But the most surprising thing is Luya – a member of the Nebell – just like Aer. She seems to know Aer since a long time ago and was waiting for her to come back. And then we got to discover the ancient history of the Nebell – which somehow tied to the Sumerian Legend as well. Pretty cool. And Aer’s backstory with Luya was really emotional as well. I sorta had an inkling about Luya being “ethereal” but it’s only confirmed near the end, which is a pretty convincing act. It does left the viewers to wonder if she’s actually “real”. And seeing Aer bursting into tears like that was really sad and emotional. And I also didn’t expect Arhena to be so assertive and strong. A very nice development for her.