Gundam Breaker Battlogue ep 5 & 6: Final Battle

A short, fun ride.

I’m gonna be honest, writing review for short series like the Battlogue is something you would not like to do it weekly, especially when it did not have much things to talk about except the same thing from the last week episode. The last 2 episodes was definitely fun to watch, with some memorable scenes like Mr Bushido defeated the Dainsleif, the first one did it I believe. The mecha designs, the battle sequences, are well done. Rather than a 7-min per episode for 5 weeks, I would like Sunrise to release it in one packed episode. The experience will definitely be better. But I guess they have to drag it out.

The villain, or should I say antagonist, he is cringe and dumb, lots of comments about him being that. But the final episode made us (and him) realized that, hey, this guy had some talents. He made good models, can be an IT engineer and a decent fighter. His problem was his attitude, and once he fix it he probably will succeed in something. In my opinion, he had a good character development in the series. But really, going that far means the guy has some serious attention-seeking problem.

Animation budget definitely got crammed into the last ep, because that’s where all the suits unleash their best attack animation. Well, it;s obvious you can tell the Obari-style when the charging, the firing, the slashing and kicking are all exaggerated as hell fighting movements. Well, it’s Build and it’s just for fun so why not? It’s Obari-sensei’s motto after all: As long as it’s cool. And yep, it really is cool. Now if Sunrise can dedicate the effort they put in Kyoukai Senki’s action scene to Battlogue, it would be much better, since earlier scenes of the series wasn’t up to par.

And… that’s about it. The show is not short but not long enough for me to have things to say about it. If you want to kill time and let your brain relax and enjoy some badass fights, then this show is for you.