Rumble Garanndoll ep 7: WerdNya’s Quest

Continuing from the end of the previous episode, this week’s ep focus on the 3rd Denchi Shoujo of the team, the informant, hacker and lastly, a gamer.

We also learn about the true “value” of the room Hosomichi and the girls are staying in. It’s worth hundreds of millions to Otakus (well, I think that is the room of most of us here, a room with full of figures, merch, and few secret things ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)). I think for other people, they might view the room as just some kids’ room and those “goods” are just worthless junk. Misa also digs up the secret past of everyone in Aharabaki, damn the Chinese-style nurse cosplay of Mimi-san look very noice.

Also, the secret past of Hosomichi seems to be related to a person named Jin Tokito, is that Hosomichi’s father? or his real identity? or maybe that is the guy who ruins his life? can’t tell right now but his anger this time is really something serious. However, thanks to this ep, I recognized that the series from the beginning only have a few flashbacks of him so we cannot know all the picture of what happened to him in the past, like in ep 5, he knew where the CD song of the idol of Yuki-rin and now he knows the bug in the fighting game that he plays with Misa, tbh, I think he still hides many things behind his sleeves.

Even Hosomichi won the fight, it didn’t mean he and other Denchi Shoujo can enter the room, now we move to the next quest, travel in dungeon. I used to come to Radio Kaikan, but mine didn’t have a big underground maze-like this and this place isn’t only changed the way usually but also have a vibe of a dystopia underground city. Like the previous ep, this ep also references the adventure game, the fantasy and shounen anime, travel in the dungeon to find the treasures. And not only the dungeon, the people who live here are also weird, if they didn’t look like cuckoos, they would look like degenerate (Really, they look like some creeps in rpg game lol). However, they are also creepy in some way, when Yakumo discovered down there she faced with a lot of Otakus approaching her and we all know what will happen if you leave a young girl dressed like a hip-hop priest from a cyberpunk gacha game there.
If there is anything bad about this episode it is the character Munakata. I didn’t see his character having a developed role in the story except forcing Hosomichi to do what he said cause of Hosomichi’s debt. I think his role in the first 3 ep is enough for the story and act as a minor character, but now his character is quite redundant and wasteful. Hope the anime staff can have a solution for Munakata soon.

Overall, Tanaka-san escapes the dungeon after being stuck there for many days (who knows how that happened) and Hosomichi got stuck at the entrance, Akiba is under attack and Hosomichi isn’t there. Can Rin and Yuki resist the enemy till Hosomichi’s back. Stay tuned for next week’s episode.