Kyoukai Senki 11: Fated meeting


Okay that was a bit too far from me, but I did shout a bit when the girls spent time at the hot spring. Holy jesus, did Sunrise Beyond want to service the adult fans? Lovely.

Anyhow, this episode continued with Amou’s team reached the temporary camp. Here they had a brief time for their MAILeS and themselves to relax after the fight with Eurasian force. Gai somehow raised a freaking dead flag way too soon, hopefully that would not come to pass. But man, Gashin sure hate losing, as he was beaten from time to time with Shion. The bastard tortured our sweetheart till dawn and has yet to overcome her even once. A bad side of him I’ll say but a necessary one, as he step by step opens his heart to his comrades, especially to Amou and Shion. He seems like a guy his age for once.

On the other hand, other forces like the Eurasia and North America got some developments. For the Eurasia, a new special task force dedicate solely for capturing original AMAIMs has been established, which the commander obviously are our boy Zelenoy and his childhood friend Dahlia. The man ain’t an incompetent man, neither in real battle or battle with words, and devotes to his “selfish” objective wholeheartly. Can’t wait for some upgrade for the Eurasian AMAIM, maybe he and she will have their own MAILeS. That could go the same with the NA force, as Brad Watt got a message telling him the hiding location of Ghost, from the merchant German (I knew this guy was batting for both, I mean all the teams at once). With this first contact, the moment when Brad’s team gets their new AMAIM, maybe even MAILeS probably won’t be far. Now that would make the Oceania and Asia behind the race.

Back to Brad, he proves himself as a competent commander. With just seconds of encountering Amou, he could almost realize Amou’s true identity. Even when he baited Amou and Gashin with the information about Ghost’s hiding place. That was a nice way to “use the information in various ways” as well as “if the MAILeS show up, that means they are with Yatagarasu”. Now, Gashin probably will do something stupid to get to that place. And with the preview for episode 12, something big is going to happen as 3 MAILeS will fight the new Ghost from the first time.