Muv-Luv Alternative ep 10: Warrior’s Resolve

Episode 10 is probably the best episode till date. The pace is nice and steady, the animation is top notch as usual, and in my opinion this is the most easy to understand part in this arc for the newcomers. For VN readers like me, the adaptation quality in this episode is the best, period.

From the visual novel fan POV, this episode did the visual novel justice. The tension between the Imperial Royal Guard wanting to make sure their Shogun had some time to recover and the US force that want to hasten the evacuation, regardless of her highness condition. Both had their valid arguments, while letting out some of their true feelings for the opposite party, even though the Mana’s true purpose of the argument was something the US didn’t anticipate. But man, Sagiri Naoya has balls. I love how the way the TSF land after the drop, gives you a glimpse of what would happen if a TSF is dropped from the sky, also why they did not utilize that strategy in the first place. Through that, Sagiri is now at the very front of the battlefield after the transport that may have killed him and his force, just to make his objective one more step to the end. To that, I give him some respect.

The TSF force under Yuuko’s direct command, the Valkyries got a nice spotlight when they showed off their skills combine with the difference in performance of the new OS when they clashed with Komaki’s force were well crafted. You could clearly noticed the vast difference of movements when Valkyrie’s Shiranuis fought with the rebel’s Shiranuis, showing the full potential of the XM3. I want to give the regards to Komaki’s troop as well. They have fought valiantly, with their commander, Komaki, engaged the Valkyrie’s captain 1 on 1 in her inferior OS. Also, RIP Takahara.

On the other hand, I feel kinda sad for Chizuru. The Shogun’s characterization was even better than her in the anime, even though she only appeared up till this point in 2-episode, her screen time probably is not enough for an episode. And yet, I felt more about her, a leader whose power were limited so bad that she could not prevent the countrymen killing each other, than Chizuru. Ayamine was almost in the same page, if the performance from her seiyuu did not nail her pain in episode 8.

And now, Takeru. What is his roll in this arc actually, you may ask. Welp, he is us, the viewer. Like he said, he fought for humanity. Accidentally, that would mean if his country, Japan, became humanity’s enemy, he may have to fight with his countrymen. Until episode 8, he tried his best to avoid the date of his previous world, but now that his destiny has steered away from it, he simply does not have a clue of what is waiting for him in the future. Maybe better, maybe worse, but at the moment, the reason to fight in his mind are shaken to the root, because now he has to fight human as enemy, even worse, his own people. In his place, with his power, what could he do to make the situation better?

Find out next, on the 11 episode.