Sakugan ep 10: A father’s feelings

After saving the stranded gang, it seems Merooro requires the assistance of Gagumber and Memempu again. The issue was serious enough to wipe both Yuri and Zack’s record clean, this case seems to be quite a challenge. Let’s find out what’s so serious about it.

It seems that the state of the natural environment in the labyrinth is the same as the state of our earth today, both are unstable, it can be said to be alarming. Besides, in this precarious situation, there are always someone taking advantage of the situation to cause chaos everywhere, and the Shibito are those kind of people. They act under the label of “liberation for the masses” to oppress, terrorize, and plunder energy sources. In addition, the Bureau is also collecting animals and plants that have lost their habitat from the great disaster on that ship (LOL will this ship become an Ark?)

However, besides the macro-sized issues that Merooro is dealing with, Gagumber seems to only care about his petty problems. Gagumber’s view of life is not wrong but it can only be done when there is a place to go and stay, if the collapse event happens then there is no place for that lifestyle. I’m also surprised that Merooro also has family and is a father himself. If we say that Gagumber is a bad father like the Bikers and got divorced by his wife, then maybe Merooro is like a government employee father who always work far away from home. The parenting styles of these two fathers are so different, it’s no wonder they don’t like each other, but it can be said that they still respect each other to a certain extent.

About Memempu, it can be said that no matter how foul her mouth is, she will always cherish what her father gave her (although Tony has been upgraded a lot by her :v). She is still a child, and a child will not give up precious toy that was given to her by the parents. Anddd we know more about Memempu’s identity, a rainbow children, anddd looks like the girl wearing the mask is not a copy of Memempu, her eyebrows, hair color and eye color are different. This gives me Katekyo Hitman Reborn flashback with the Arcobaleno. I assume these “rainbow children” hold a special ability or secret that will change the Labyrinth forever. However, the guy that she’s with, now there’s something both suspicious and familiar about him…

We also get to see a short fight scene near the end of this episode, although short and unsatisfying, the action is still very smooth. However, there are still some pretty bad drawings, like Gagumber’s face. There are some scenes where his face looks a bit off.

The end of this anime season is approaching, sakugan has reached ep 10, but to say this is a series that is more about educating children and parenting in the family. The mecha does not stand out from the adventure and sci-fi but it is still a good show to watch. In my opinion, this is still a potential series to exploit and there should be a season 2. Story building and world problems are gradually completed, if there is a part 2 I hope the fight scenes will appear more.