Ancient G’s Frame ep 9: Reunion

We’re getting to the endgame now. Finally, the sisters are reunited…but there’s a twist. Xing Yao isn’t who Xing Lan remembered she is anymore, not at the moment at least. The Atra-Harsis is also in quite a predicament, as they are surrounded on all sides by Festum-ripoffs.

The episode was pretty uneventful until the discovery of Ashna and the huge Nergal type. And oh boy that one looks like a Zerg’s Corruptor but HUGE. The Xing Yao’s mind-control scene is pretty familiar. I wonder where have I seen that before…Oh right Muv-Luv Alternative! Human girl got hooked up to alien and act as a medium for communication. The alien speak in really broken cryptic words at first but managed to form coherent sentences later, also the main character calling out to said girl repeatedly because she loves her. Ah well, all implication aside, it’s a nice scene

Not a lot of “action” this episode since all the G-Frames went kaput until the last possible moment (well it’s a Super Robot show so that’s expected). Everyone is deploying in their G-Frame now so next episode will most likely be an all-out battle and rescue operation for Xing Yao as well. I expect Xing Lan to be quite rattled as she dive straight through the Nergal to reach her sister.

Ancient G-Frame has been quite uneventful for the last 4 episodes, and by that I meant there’s no battle, there are some character development but it felt pretty slow. Which is sorta a shame since the design of the mechs are pretty good, especially Divinegon – the main heavyhitter. Sadly it only appeared twice now and in the 2nd time he just stood there flexing the Gunbuster pose. Really do wish we get some field-action soon.