Gundam Breaker Battlogue ep 1: Prepare to fight!

The short ONA Gundam Breaker Battlogue first episode was just launched yesterday. And it was met with mixed reception, mostly due to the duration of the episode. The people enjoy what they see, and they demand more!
Of course we open with a battle, and the Command QanT made its debut fighting against the Gundam Barbaric (a custom Barbatos, which is quite funny). Of course the dude who talk all high-and-mighty got brought down to his knees, but also because the person behind the Command QanT is none other than Gundam Breaker 3’s protagonist, so you know, the cards are already dealt. The Command QanT is a pretty fun take on the all-mighty Gundam of the 00 series. It turns a teleporting, planet-slicing mobile suit into a souped up militaristic build. Although the Trans-Am system is still retained, it’s much less prevalent. The fight was a slugfest and it was entertaining to see.

Then we cut to a small hobby district in Japan, and we finally meet the character we haven’t seen since Breaker 3 – Misa. We found out at “we” (GB3 protag) has gone on to the world tournament and leave her behind at the district, which is quite funny. So she vent by going online and battle a random player, and she matched against none other than the idol of GBGW Mobile – Rindo Suzunoha. They had a friendly “cat fight” and thanks to a stroke of luck, Misa was able to win with her Blazing Gundam. Although it’s more of a “friendly” match kinda thing given that Rindo was caught off-guard because of a joke, it still looks nice especially the Blazing’s finisher.

But then a mysterious phenomenon happen: the Blazing Gundam was locked up by a mysterious program, and an ultimatum reached Misa: If she want her gundam back, she has to bring Takuma Nagitsuji (the GB3 protag) to GB Fest. Well that’s where the episode end, and we will find out more next week!

It was quite a short ep – only about 6 minutes, and 2 minutes for the OP. And of course everyone was craving for more and complained that the episode was too short to enjoy. But they seems to forget that it is the norm for Battlogue. It is, essentially, a glorified commercial for some new Build kits that are coming out. The story will probably be very predictable and cheesy, but the visuals is the moneymaker. With Obari directing it, we can expect some good fight. Just like this episode, the fights are very well done. Some frames look very well-done, but there are definitely places that could be improved. I guess most of the animator is busy working on Kyoukai Senki now and this one is just on the back-burner? Hopefully we see some spicy stuff next week!

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