Super Hero Time: A double issue

This week review of Zenkaiger and Kamen Rider Revice will be included in one post, since they are both Tokusatsus and we have quite an absurd number of series this season.

Zenkaiger: Switching tactics

This episode of Zenkaiger masked its seriousness under a comedy guise. Sure the body-swapping was pretty hilarious, and many hijinks ensued. But besides that, Kaito and Stacey got to spend a day in a “different” life. Compared to their usual, this is pretty much a 180. Stacey experienced what it’s like to be surrounded by friends and family. And Kaito experienced what Stacey feels when he has to live in a cold metallic castle with no loved ones. After this, they surely will understand each other better, and Kaito will definitely want to “rescue” Stacey from that horrible life, as Stacey will also long for the life Kaito has.
The Zox – Flint switch is pretty funny. It’s cool to see them taking a bit of a backseat after being in the spotlight for so lone. And with the debut of the Zenryoku Zenkaioh, the focus should shift back to the main Zenkaigers a bit until the plot calls for Zox’s family issue to be resolved. Overall, a very nice episode.

Revice: In comes the spoder!

Revice newest episode setup the stage for the reveal of Evil/Kagerou’s identity. The case this time is a family-related one where father-son miscommunication and false expectation cause the tragedy to happen, which is kinda a parallel to Ikki and Daiji’s situation. Ikki’s words will definitely come back to haunt him now.
Kamen Rider Demons debut is also pretty fast, but really awesome. Hiromi may looks underwhelming at first, but now he’s become much more charismatic as a character now. Well, of course all according to George’s keikaku. Demons design and henshin sequence is pretty unique and interesting. I love that he has all 6 eyes and they light up sequentially. And yeah his fighting style may remind you of a certain Tokusatsu hero with a giant robot, but I assure you it’s just a homage XD