Megaton Musashi ep 6: Buster! Buster! DIVIDER!

If you think Megaton Musashi has been pretty crazy, wait until you see this episode, where it cranked up the insanity to eleven! And soon we are going to SPACE on a HUGE BATTLESHIP! Well, maybe not that soon, but it’s coming.

It’s nice to see the other side pilots getting more screen time, and this episode is the genius robotician Kindaichi Takumi – son of Dr. Haruma, designer of the Musashi. I guess it runs in the family, since Takumi is a bonafide genius as well. But he’s not your typical shut-in bookworm, but rather quite an outgoing and energetic type. And holy shit Kouta was a freaking what now? He’s revealed to be a stress-relieve android that was built for others to bully (man, that’s pretty fucked up). But yeah, the karate girl is showing some care for him, which I’m sure he didn’t expect but will slowly come to appreciate it later.

Girlboss Jun finally was shown the “truth” of this world, and since she’s already having an inkling, she’s super excited for the battle to come. But yeah, seeing the old man beating around the bush was pretty cute and charming. That’s one of the good points for Musashi. The supporting casts are pretty much one-direction characters but they express themselves in an interesting way, plus the voice-actor really nail the tone. Can’t wait for Jun to finally get her Megaton-class and kick some asses! Now that they should have Maximus ready to go since Takumi should be able to fix it, we’ll see triple Megaton in action soon.

Speaking of action, this episode has some pretty cool ones, both on the macro and micro scale. The mech battle is pretty much just a chance to show-off Musashi’s newest weapon: the GIANT BUSTER SWORD – ALL DIVIDER! Goddamn even the name is extremely badass (and chuuni, wonder who named this thing lol). And I think Teru and the adults should probably stop questioning how Yamato do things since he’s probably won’t listen and will succeed anyway, so worrying about that is pretty pointless. Of course, a giant robot pulling off the Obari Sword Pose could never lose. It’s pretty funny seeing Ryuugo being a crybaby though. And Yamato is getting more and more Ryoma-like.
After OLM show us what they can do with the CG, they wowed us with the 2D fight scene as well. And boy that was a treat. Arshem was pretty badass throughout and Yamato, even though he got KO’d, put up a pretty good fight. The fanged form is pretty nice even though I didn’t expect them to be werewolf-ish race. Either way, with so many things revealed this ep, would be interesting to see Yamato’s reaction to Kanzaki next ep.

Musashi has kept on going and going and I don’t see it ever stopping. They are keeping the plot advancing, revealing big steps after steps, bringing more characters together and of course, awesome giant robot fights. For a Level-5 series, this has already exceeded Gundam AGE in terms of entertainment. Let’s keep this up!