GB Battlogue ep 4: It’s dumb and we know it!

“What a stupid grudge” – Bandai knows it.

Welcome back to the weekly review of Gundam Build Breakers Battlogue, and today we see the Gundam Barbataurus in action – well briefly. Many people, including fans and non-fans of the Gundam IBO, have been anticipating this unit since the first picture got announced. And it sure was worth it. Sadly, not so much about its pilot. And Bandai knows it. I think everyone under the sun would cringe at this guy’s motivation for pulling this stupid stuff. Even Sana had to admit this guy’s got a few screw loose and spent so much time and effort for something so petty.

Either way, we get to see the good doctor’s brain prowess once more. He engineered a vaccine program and infused it in a Gunpla mask (lmao) for the Blazing. I guess its faceplate was built smooth just for this occasion. We also see some pretty nice cameos, most notable Yuu Kajuma from Blue Destiny, piloting the Ground Type Urban, the others are very familiar faces like Four Murasame, Zeheart and Graham….I mean Mr. Bushido. Four looks fantastic, much better than her brief cameo in Build Fighters. And the AI Gundams all looks great, certainly better than Mr. Edgy over there.

Next episode, full blown battle!


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