Series Recommendation: Mazinkaiser SKL

Go to Hell? What do you mean, pal? WE.ARE.HELL!
What will happen when the Demon God actually act like a Demon God? Mazinkaiser SKL is a 3-episode OVA set in an alternate universe where all Hell seems to break loose. There’s no “become more than a God or a Demon”, there’s no “hero that stands for the good of all mankind”, just pure action and bloodshed. SKL is another take on the Mazin where they “embrace” the other side.

Mazinkaiser follow two bat-shit insane pilot – Ryou Magami and Ken Kaidou. Both of them are special agents from the Death Caprice Squad. They are assigned to an island stuck in a three-way tug-of-war between 3 factions. An endless struggle between giant machineries and in the midst of it all: the Demon God with a skull on its head: Mazinkaiser SKL. A bloody journey filled with steel and gunpowder awaits!

+ Plot: Well, there’s not much of a “plot” per se, considering it’s only 3-ep long and that the series is straightforward and simplistic to a fault. We got 2 battle-crazed dudes that went in and absolutely demolish everything they come across. There are some simple subplot with the side characters but nothing too memorable. There are, however, many references to other Go Nagai works such as Devilman and Cutie Honey, as well as God Mazinger, etc… so it does enrich the experience a bit. But at the end of the day, this is a “turn off your brain and enjoy the carnage” kind of series.

+ Animation: Well, to make up for the plot, the animation quality is cranked up to eleven. Never before have we seen a Mazin move this fast and fight this brutal. Unlike previous Demon Gods we see on screen (well maybe except Great), SKL pull off his weapons right off the bat, or rather, that is his default loadout. The Ganzantou is basically the Kaiser Blade on E D G E. The dual pistol action is also very dynamic and full of crazy acrobatic moves. You’d mistake SKL for a power armor with the way he moves with so much agility and force. On the other hand, the mooks got completely frozen aside from the “general” units. They are pretty much amateurs and easy targets standing in place waiting for the Skull to send them to Hell.

+ Mecha Design: The titular mecha: the Mazinkaiser SKL – is a downgraded Kaiser in terms of power, but an innovative design in terms of gimmick. The Skull Pilder is basically an attempt to make them seems more dangerous, along with several more spikes along the body. The breastplate is a pretty nice touch. Where they can be use as the typical “Fire Blaster” style attack OR separated into 2 dual beam bladepistols. Well they are pistols with a bladed edge so…bladepistol, or pistolblade? And SKL is the only Mazinkaiser with a cloak, how cool is that? Anyway, SKL is a pretty nice update in terms of visual for the Mazin Emperor.

+ Music: Time to bust out the headbang! The original Kaiser got the rock treatment by Jam Project, so SKL got the full ear-busting POWER METAL! The Opening, the Ending, the Insert Song, they are all designed to pump your excitement to the MAX! It’s like a Metal concert where you also get to see mecha massacre on screen.

+ Conclusion: Overall, Mazinkaiser SKL is just a very fun ride that doesn’t need to be taken too seriously. You go in, have a good time, and leave with satisfaction. The animation, the music, the character are just to-the-point, in-your-face and full of energy. This might be a bit different from other Mazinger media you’ve seen, but it is by no means inferior.