Sakugan Ep 4: The Venus Flytrap

After getting exiled, getting lost in the Labyrinth and fighting off giant crabs, now we are going to Jolly-jolly with Memempu and Gagumber. Firstly, the scene starts with Gagumber behind bars, well according to the previous episodes the pair technically committed crimes like vandalizing houses to vandalizing labyrinth, half of those were the little daughter’s faults.

We also find out who mysterious dandy man at the end of the previous episode. He is Merooro from the bureau of regulation and also a big shot. I can say my first impression of this guy is handsome, high position, and disciplined (Kinda like Kray from Promare). I thought that people with such distinctive smiles would take exorbitant bribes but he seems to have bigger goals than that. However, with such a special person, he certainly won’t just appear one time and he also appears in the OP, so we’ll probably see him again in the future.

We now know another nickname of Gagumber, Gale force (Shippu) Gagumber. I know there is another man have nickname shippu, he also has yellow hair, dead friend, have kid but if we say Gale Wolf Mittermeyer is an ideal role, then Gale force Gagumber will be more friendly with talented but troublesome role. We can also clearly see in this episode that Memempu behaves like a child when going sightseeing, going to new cities, taking pictures of famous landmarks and enjoying specialties only in Jolly- jolly.

After the previous ep had a lot of action and fast-paced scenes, in this ep the focus is on the Jolly-Jolly colony, which I can 99% guarantee this is Italy in the labyrinth. We can see many scenic spots that are very Italian, from an atmospheric Grand Canal to the iconic pizza. If said the previous episode was outdoor camping, this episode is a visit to a famous place in another foreign country. They also combine Roma Colosseum and Leaning Tower of Pisa lol, I will call it a leaning colosseum of Jolly-jolly.
And not only food and drink but Jolly-jolly is really full of “passion” people, they shoot guns and have gangs like mafia, so Italy. The gangsters in suits and torture on the chair. We can see how stereotyped Italians are in this episode.t

And in comes the femme fatale: the young lady from the end of ep 2, Zackletu. Of course, beautiful and strong women are all bounty hunters these days (*sigh) . She tracked them down and approached Gagumber on purpose, but it didn’t seem to go as she expected. Well, there’s a saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, and Gagumber certainly is past his prime. 12 rejections for acting cool as a cucumber and the last time when it looked like he managed to land one, he got into trouble with the mafia. He thinks he’s the hunter but no he’s the prey, Zackletu has really outplayed him and made him look like a fool.

In short, this ep let us know more about the colony in Labyrinth and introduce new characters. No mecha action, no heavy things, Big Tony lying in a corner, but the series still keep the audience engaged using comedic hijinks this ep – the classic naïve cougar and the venus flytrap. I can’t deny that I laughed almost to the end of this episode. Instead of a scenario where father and son escaped from the city, this episode seemed to pause and make viewers laugh more, which make me really enjoyable.


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