Sakugan ep 12: Family

So it’s the final episode, whether the answers will satisfy the viewers, the future of the Sakugan story will be decided in this final episode.

In this episode, we clearly learned that Shibito are martyrs, they storm the colony causing chaos and if controlled they are ready to commit suicide to ensure the safety of their organization. They really look like middle east terrorists in real life. Even though it’s the last episode and there’s a lot of tension going on, the last ep still has some funny scenes that, though small, still make it chill (Yuri really does his job good in being both a hacker and a comedian).

We got to know the true identity of Memempu, the rainbow child who possesses the power to influence labyrinths and animus energy flows. However, it is quite unfortunate that until now we still do not know why Gagumber met Memempu, whether it will be related to Rufus or Walsh.

The child has a harsh destiny that can affect the world. has a father who is skilled and has a fierce past, getting in trouble with an old friend (woman). this is definitely the Witcher of mecha (the marker lol :))). We all know that Gagumber’s nickname is Galeforce Gagumber but now I will give him another one, Gagumber of Pinyin. This series really puts heavy emphasis on family themes, and family relationships even though its genre is sci-fi/mecha. The message that the film conveys during the past 12 eps is that each family has different circumstances and even though they are not blood relatives, their Kizuna is not fake and Parents’ love is boundless. and like Dom said there’s always room for family.

In terms of sound, the movie still retains the quality up to 12 eps with the ost album quality at the right time and is not boring, catchy and addictive. The visuals of this last episode are also elaborated a lot, especially Memempu’s eyes as an example. The scenes of Mecha fighting in the sakugan appear less and more heavily in the context of the story and the relationship between the characters. However, although few, those scenes appearing in the final ep still retain their quality. (Yeah giga drill breakerrrrrrrr go go)

If I have to rate this work as a normal anime fan, I would rate it 7-8/10. but as a fan of Mecha I rate it just above average and the series is still not perfect with the open ending and at the end of ep 12 the title hints us that there will be a sequel or at least it will be a movie (I personally want a full 12 eps).

Overall, the first 12 eps Sakugan did a good job of giving us the world setting and introducing the character as well as hinting at one more character like the white-haired girl in a wheelchair near the end of the series, whether she is a princess or another rainbow child or both. hopefully, part 2 will be announced and planned in the near future as otherwise, it will be a potential waste of a project.