Rumble Garanndoll ep 12: Love, Passion and Future

And now we’re at the last stop of the series.

The new and the real form of the Shark-1 is called Shark the Burn, just looking at it I can see how passionate it is. I thought that the tragic event of Asakusabashi was a dark and painful past for everyone but through this last episode when I found out the truth I felt somewhat disappointed with Yamada-san as well as that event is really a tragicomedy situation (shame on you Yamada-san!). Both Mimi-san and Yamada-san bear the guilt but it seems that it’s all Yamada’s fault lol.

Besides the enthusiasm, love is also a type of strength. it can be said that Hosomichi loves all three Denchi Shoujos and all three of them do the same to him. It has the spirit of a typical harem but their love level compared to their predecessor Yamada and Mimi, the predecessor couple is more clear and specific.

Continue to maintain their strengths, in this last episode is still full of references and specifically this time it is from CCA, unlike Amuro and Char being KIA, this time with the strength of faith and enthusiasm they were able to push back Tokyo Big Sight. Strength that surpasses even Shark the Burn. The combination of all 4 people Shark the Burn Garann is the ultimate form (which is basically Shark-1 Trinity). The super form just debuted at the end of the last episode and this episode already debuted Ultimate form lol, anyway since this is a 12 ep series it’s still acceptable.

In this last episode, we got to know the full song of Xaburn’s op song. Honestly, it was better than I expected, in keeping with the explosive spirit of the series. The action scenes are still acceptable and I think the highlight of this final episode is the 2 new forms of Shark-1, I really like the design of this robot and if it comes out as a kit I think I will buy it.

So to rate this series, I will personally rate it 7.5/10, something are still not really satisfied but for the 12 ep series, it must be said that it is extremely complete and I’m satisfied with the ending.

Overall, Rumble Garanndoll is a worth watching series, even with only 12 episodes with the message that although Showa era of Japan was really strong with Bushido spirit, Heisei era of Japan was also strong with a friendship power and passionate spirit that transcends borders and ethnicities. But I strongly suggest you take the time to watch this series if you haven’t already. Full of entertainment, reasonable character development (except Munataka, sorry man :v), good mecha and pretty girls and last but not least full of references.