Rumble Garanndoll ep 8: Mobile Armor Kotatsu-nyan

After Hosomichi got stuck underground in the previous episode, in this ep the knight was rescued by his princess. Also, this ep will debut the last Garanndoll of Arahabaki, Cat-3, Let’s find out what smol catgirl’s power can do.

We got to see Misa’s past this ep. Unlike Richard Watterson’s father who went to buy milk and didn’t come back, in Misa’s case, her father went to buy games in the black market and didn’t come back. But in Misa’s case, it might be because of the war and her father got injured or worse. Can tell that everyone here has problems with their families, Hosomichi with his father, Rin lost her family and now is Misa. In this world reality is very harsh, Misa thinks that she will be fine alone but she wasn’t, she also seems to be the youngest of the Denchi Shoujo trio.

No matter how good she is, she still need someone by her side, nobody can live alone. Since she suffered alone, even if she’s a good hacker, there are things she’s really bad at like trying to live up to other people’s expectations. Like Hosomichi said “it’s not a kid’s job to worry about other people”. If compared to the previous 2 girls, this time Hosomichi treats Misa more gently like an older brother. Find out the treasure, cover up for what she lacks. Seems that since this is the last Denchi Shoujo, Hosomichi has shown himself to be a good Aibou (best version so far lol).

Also in this episode, Yamada and Tanaka are really full of energy, even though the scenes where the two appear just to buy time and make fun, it is still respectable (at least they are useful lol). Misa in the chibi form is really adorable, look at that smol face it will seriously melt your heart. Also in the flashback, seem like the way Ukai san finds out the Denchi Shoujo is not positive at all, broke the door and took the loli away, I have to say the FBI is watching you Ukai-san.
Now we come to the Arahabaki’s Garanndoll Cat-3. Not inferior to its preform, the mobile armor form is full of others mecha reference. The normal form of Cat-3 is really like the Anima gear line (I mean the previous form has it but this one clearly reveals the characteristics of that robot line). So Shark 1 has power, Rabbit 2 has speed, then what can Cat 3 do, the answer is a ton of dakkas. The Cat-3 super form is Cat-3 (CT2) (I pretty sure that CT2 is the word-play of kotatsu lol). Now this of the fight of Showa loli and Heisei loli, both of them are artillery platforms, this is a war to see which “goods” are stronger and more abundant (in my eyes it looks like the war between Neo Zeong and Dendrobium but with the same firepower). The fight is very Macross Missile Massacre style and also if you guys notice the BGM is very similar to a fighting game. Besides that, I can say that three forms of this Garanndoll are strongly referencing to Getter Robo, Shark 1 similar to getter 1 with power, Rabbit 2 similar to getter 2 with speed, and the last one Cat 3 similar to getter 3 with firepower.

Overall, we’ve gotten through to the end of episode 8, the characters and worldbuilding are all developed, the next 4 episodes are definitely the fight with the Shinkoku. I hope the next episodes will have more delightful fight scenes and more new interesting things in the story plot.