Eighty Six ep 18: Suicide Squad

After a one-week break, the Eighty Sixes are all ready to depart for their newest mission. But this time, it might be a one way trip.

Really like the convo between Grethe and what-his-name Major General. Grethe’s insistence to protect the Eighty Six is admirable. She was called a hypocrite and all that by Shin but still stayed true to her belief. Now that she couldn’d stop them from going, she has decided to go with them. And she got quite a surprise in the hangar to boot. The Nachzehrer (Japan and their fascination for German words again) is quite a monster. A huge plane that utilizes the ground effect to stay afloat just barely above the ground, a pretty advance yet obsolete piece of equipment. Pretty nice that the author is using a lot of unique things.

Once again, another person want Shin and his team not to go on the suicide mission. Frederica, just like Grethe, do not wish to see another person diving head first unto death. She finally showed her true feelings and bared it all at Shin. She doesn’t want another Kiriya, not after she has finally come to see Shin as a big brother and got to love everyone in the Nordlicht squadron. Even though she know this mission is crucial and is imperative to not just their own lives, but the lives of everyone in the Federacy as well. But even so, she doesn’t want them, especially him, to go. The queen finally only acts her age in situation like this. Which is both pitiful and cute at the same time.

Ernst return with a tempered fury. We can feel the seething rage under his voice when he discusses the strategy with the commanders, and he obviously masked his indignant under an overly-jovial tone when he send off the Nordlicht. The Light Novel frequently describe him as a “fire-breathing dragon”, and truly, all of the words from his mouth are enough to burn his ideal into everyone’s mind: If humanity’s survival means they have to send helpless kids into battle, then mankind deserve to be wiped out. And he sure looks like he’s gonna act on it.

Shin and the gang are now on their way to take out the Morpho – which is also Kiriya – Frederica’s knight, a suicide mission with almost 0% survival. Let’s see if our Reaper can defy death this time. If anything, that smug at the end signifies a crazy battle ahead.