Review – Volks Muv Luv Alternative – Takemikazuchi Type-00F

Info: Volks A3 Muv Luv Alternative No.03 – Takemikazuchi Type-00F
– Manufacturer: Volks
– Series: Muv Luv Alternative
– Price: 5800 yen
Sculpt & painting: Takemikazuchi is one of the TSFs with the best design. It looked like a Japanese general and the design was inspired by Mamoru Nagano’s style. Unlike other countries’ TSF, the Takemikazuchi isn’t base on any existing aircraft, giving Kouki full creative freedom to make it however he wanted, and the result is perfect. The Type-00F has red color, the color of the Imperial Royal Guard who protect the five regent houses of the Shogunate. Painting of Volks A3 is so good especially Jump Unit.
Articulation & posing: Volks A3 Takeikazuchi’s articulation is not very good. Some joints like elbow joins are almost similar to revoltech joints but conversely some like shoulder and hip joints are so stiff or entangled that it cant pose comfortably. Abdominal joint cant move and Blade Sheath joints are quite loose and break easily if not careful. In order to fully bend the knee back, you’ll need to remove a part at the back of the thigh.
Accessories & gimmick: This fig has enough accessories like visual novel:
+ X2 Type-87 Assault Cannon 
+ X1 Type-74 PB Blade 
+ X2 Type-65 PB Knife
+ X1 Type-92 Multipurpose Supplemental Armor
+ X6 Blade Sheath (3 without weapons, 2 with Assault Cannon, 1 with PB Blade)
+ X2 Jump Unit
Weapons are pre-attached to the hands and Blade Sheaths so its very convenient and not easy to lose. Its strange that instead of special Type-00 Close Combat Dagger for Takemikazuchi, they give Type-65 PB Knife of normal TSF.

Type-87 Assault Cannon
Type-74 PB Blade
Type-92 Multipurpose Supplemental Armor

Overall: Volks A3 Takemikazuchi Type-00F’s good point is that the sculp is very cool but bad point is the posing is not very good. Although It cant pose good, It’s still very suitable for display. This figure is now very rare on the market but if you are a fan of Muv Luv Alternative series and TSF, it is quite worth money to collect.
—> Score: 6/10