Kit Review: Figure-rise Standard – ULTRAMAN Suit 7.5 [Frontal Assault] -ver Action-

I am Dan Moroboshi.
An Ultraman!

The legacy of Ultraman lives on on Earth. The Light of the Giants has now shrunk in size, but not any less in responsibility and potential. The power of the giants now live on in human-sized vessel, and to exhibit their full power, the SSSP has given them a new weapon – the ULTRAMAN Suit. And the counterpart of the legendary Ultraseven in this alternate timeline is Dan Moroboshi – user of the Ultraman Suit 7.

The Ultraman Suit 7 has seen many iterations – from 7.1 to 7.2, 7.3,… and lastly to 7.5. The 7.5 later on have a space-time boundary perforation system that result in quite a black-ops appearance. The suit only appear in the novel ULTRAMAN SUIT ANOTHER UNIVERSE, but of course Bandai will take the chance to release a model kit of it. And this time, with some -Action- involved.

+ Design: The 7.5 Suit Frontal Assault is basically the 7.2 but with an very dark black & gray coating. Visually, the armor is still the same. The 7.5 suit is of course based on Ultraseven’s design with the head slugger and chest armor. The Ultra suits are basically power armor with an Iron Man aesthetic mixed with some good old Eiichi Shimizu mecha style (thankfully this time they got feet, well maybe except Bemular). The original suit color is based on Seven’s design but this version is obv a “stealth” spec-ops kinda look, which really remind you of some “darker” Ultras like Hunter Knight Tsurugi.

+ Build Quality: Well Figure-rise Standard is true-Bandai-blue quality, so there’s not much to worry about. For the Action ver of the Ultra suits, there are more parts in the torso in exchange for the LED gimmick, so it can get slightly more busy there. The place where you most need to pay attention to is the thigh-hip joints but it’s pretty solid overall anyway. The suit is pretty much all black so you don’t really need to worry about nub marks except on the injection silver parts, but nothing a Gundam Marker can’t fix. Overall, simple and enjoyable build process. One downside (or upside?) is that he has a crapton of weapons so it might take a while!

+ Articulation: Well, even though it’s named “Action ver”, the improvement it has over the normal ver is just the torso. The ab-crunch is much more natural and has more range now, However, the thighs and knees, elbows are still as restrictive as the original. Really wish they can go more than 90-degree, or at least double jointed. The thigh joints are decent range but to reach those range it makes the suit looks…unnatural, which is a shame. But if you want some cool standing poses, then the 7.5 suit is definitely the kit for you, he looks super intimidating and badass.

+ Gimmicks: There’s not much “special” gimmick for this kit. It’s pretty much just the back weapon-rack gimmick where it can store the guns and swing it back-and-forth. However, it’s possible for you to incorporate the original’s LED gimmick to the head with some modification, but it’s not an oob feature so we won’t really take it into account.

+ Accessories: Here comes the Assault in the Frontal Assault ver (well tbf the 7.3 Fully Armed has this too)! The 7.5 Frontal Assault suit has so many weapons it feels like he’s Unicorn FA. First you get one extra katana in addition to the one he originally has. Then 2 Assault Rifle that can be mounted on the back-rack, then 2 Specium Cutters that looks like a rectangular cannon but is actually a giant Beam Saber. As a bonus, Bandai also give you a Slugger Blade as a tribute to the original Seven which is cool. In essence, you’ll never run out of weapon loadout with this guy.

+ Conclusion:The Figure-rise Standard – Ultraman Suit 7.5 [Frontal Assault] -ver Action- (wow that’s a mouthful) is a great kit if you want a spec-ops Ultraman Suit instead of a more traditional red-silver style. The equipment that Dan has definitely suit this kind of aesthetic. However, I did hope Bandai could have improved a bit more on the “action” aspect, since as it is now, it’s a very minor upgrade compared to the original version. But in the end, as long as he looks cool, he’s worthy of being an Ultra.