Fuuto Tantei ep 3: W Goes Next!

Kamen Rider W, is finally in action again. We got a half an episode worth of sceen time with W battling against Road Dopant, full of adrenaline and nostalgia-inducing action. The studio definitely did their homework and brought the anime justice.

Aya Kamiki and Takuya is back. Yes, the duo sang the original OP for Kamen Rider W is now singing another track for Fuuto PI. Can you guess its name? It’s “W-G-X~W Goes Next” – which uses the original W.B.X melody with new lyrics, pure hype blend with nostalgia. The first part of this episode, a perfect chef kiss.

We have seen how W fought in live action, and now in full glory anime style animation. It was intense, it was fantastic. the chase between W and Road Dopant feel true to the name “Rider” even more than the original live action, not to mention, in the manga version we don’t really have elaborate action scenes and we have to use our imagination for the action, so this part is 100% anime goodness. Seeing W using the various Memories is also very awesome. Main event wise, the fight follow the manga scenarios, but the choreograph is much more dynamic and well-done, with some creative camera angle. That Maximum Drive Rider Kick was amazing!

Aside from the action, the solving mystery part is also well done (though manga reader might have already known). The logic from start to finish is well thought and well solved. But I’m pretty sure this part has been outshined by the chasing battle, and Tokime.

Top 1 Waifu this season, aint no one else can take it.
She has the style.
The eyes.
The hair.
Character wise, she has a kuudere, mysterious vibe at first, and then full-blown dere, embolden sweet heart. Those fans that have been followed Tokime since the manga probably have waited for this moment for so long, and now they got it! And the best part, our half-boiled detective finally got a kiss, and smack dab on the lips too. Good for you, Shoutarou! One more advantage of the anime is the background music and colored animation that really promotes Tokime’s bewitching beauty.

Despite the silly & happiness ending, the anime still reminded us about Shoutarou’s love journey in the past. And the one (in many) reasons why he is still a virgin even after Tokime literally lie on his bed, is that each time he had some romantic feelings for another woman, it turns out she’s a villain. Every single time. So I respect him for some hesitation. (Ok but let’s be honest, if that stuff happen in real life we may choose the same action like Shoutarou).

The antagonist has also appeared at the end of the episode, with a brand new Gaia Memory named Aurora and a Driver as well. He is the mysterious figure that appeared in Tokime’s memory, and probably will be the new final boss for Kamen Rider W. Man, I can’t wait for more.
Next up, what will it be in the next episode?

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