Ancient G’s Frame ep 3: Heed the call of God

Episode 3 of Ancient G’s Frame keep up the pressure with non-stop action but with some heartwarming moments as well. What started as a happy-go-lucky all-girls anime quickly up the stake and head to an unknown but exciting direction.
The 2 mysterious units from last episode indeed turned out to be a combiner, named Fuxi and Nuwa, and are Shennong’s final component. The two combined and took in Shennong as its central unit in spectacular fashion. According to China’s legend, “The Three Sovereigns” consist of of those three. The combined unit unleashed incredible power and beat the Nergal in one fell swoop. Its attacks while really cool but also really extravagant. It feels like watching an Obari-directed show but this time there’s double the Obarism. Nevertheless, it is a very badass fight scene.

However, Xing Lan is not in control, at least not consciously. So she wrecked the base as well as the aliens, and of course, she got yelled at for it. Well, things quickly turn back for the better and we get some heartwarming moment for the girls, particularly Xing Lan. Her parents does care for her a great deal after all, and they truly wish for her safe returns. The dad is quite typical Asian father, very stoic and not often emotionally expressive, but you can kinda tell that he too love his daughter.

The peace doesn’t last long and the new girls are sent to Jupiter on a new battleship to track down a mysterious signal. Even though they are amateus, they were dispatched on a super dangerous mission, only because the signal contains info about other G-Frames, particularly Anubis – which was Xing Yao’s unit (Xing Lan’s sister). And so, the plot device hit once again and our girls are forced to embark on a dangerous journey thereafter.

Of course, the Nergal wouldn’t let them go that easily. Just like any aliens series ever, they always appear at the most crucial time. But the odds were against them and Shennong finally had to go fight away from the ship even though Xing Lan hasn’t been able to control him properly. And this is where the first dramatic development happen. Shennong was dragged down to Earth, but Judith and her G-Frame saved her and they fell down instead. From the looks of it, Judith has a high chance of survival but she won’t be able to go with the girls, which will be a huge loss since she is very powerful and experienced. Losing the captain will undoubtedly put pressure on the girls and they will have to grow up quickly to be able to defend the ship and accomplish their mission.

Episode 3 of AGF really took an unexpected turn with Judith leaving the crew. It opens up a lot of potential for the girls to grow as well as increase the dangers they are exposed to. Future episodes should be quite interesting to see which way the plot will go. Judith’s flashback is also quite surprising. The unit that Xing Yao was piloting was Anubis – an entity usually associated with “death”.
Animation wise, the series is still keeping up the quality it has. Some CG parts are still janky, especially with the centaur mech. I guess the galloping movements isn’t easy to do. Aside from that, the movement of other units are still very decent.

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