Sakugan ep 8: Grudge and Forgiveness

So after the big slap from the previous episode, this ep can continue to maintain the hype of the audience of will it flop? After the conflict between father and daughter, will this episode be resolved satisfactorily? All I can say about this ep is out of my expectation but in a positive way (uhh… maybe).

The beginning of this ep starts with the dream of Gagumber (Sakugan really love dream sequences), the dream of his past and what happened to Rufus, his former partner and the reason why Gagumber quit being a Marker, and we also see Rufus’ younger brother(?).

Just like Gagumber and Yuri, Zackletu and Memempu have their own drink session atop the city, like I have to admit that sitting on the high tube and can see the whole city from afar is pretty cool. Besides that, the drink bag they have is very nostalgic for me (maybe some of you guys too), my childhood was attached to plastic soft drinks bags, I haven’t seen this for many years, quite surprised because it appear in the anime. Both sides expressed their feelings, but instead of meeting an acquaintance like Gagumber, Memempu was drugged by Zackletu (oh snap!).

If you guys remember, Gagumber told Memempu some wise words ep 2 about getting lost, now we heard it again but from the old man to Gagumber instead. What I find interesting so far is the way the message in this series is conveyed, it can be said that you must not forget your hometown, which also means that you must not forget who you are, forget your starting point because otherwise you will lose yourself and get lost. The old man said Gagumber must apologize to Rufus’s brother Zack and Memempu too, and from that moment the twist I didn’t expect in this episode come out.

Zackletu aka Zack aka the younger “brother” of Rufus, I didn’t think things will become like this. Like your best pal have a “younger brother”, your pal is dead and you didn’t see his “brother” for many years until you meet “him” in a bar and try to flirt with “him” turn out that “he” is your dead pal’s little sis. However, if things had stopped there it would have been different, over here it is Zack (I will call her Zack from now cause Zackletu is too long for me lol) trying to kill Gagumber by using Memempu as a hostage. And the way she fought Gagumber bear no trace of the friendly Zack from the last episodes, as she actually aim to kill him. Those elaborate trap and explosives are not just simply to “teach” Gagumber a lesson, but to actually take his life. The sequence was brtual and hair-raising, one would actually think they are out for each other’s throat as Zack pull zero punches. However, Gagumber demonstrated why he was called “Shippu” – The Gale, as he unleashed his secret ability.

Luckily, both party survived, it seems that men fight each other to the death to understand each other better is true (yeah, you guys knew what I mean). From now on, zack is officially a member of the group, through Memempu. Her words remind Zack of what Rufus used to say to her. The insert song “Because of you” by MindaRyn is also good and suits the mood of that scene, really love and enjoy that. Now we all know about the origin of the nickname Galeforce of Gagumber, but is it simply illegal rehabilitation by Rufus or is there something hidden behind that, his nerves were also damaged so he might not be able to use it again soon, honestly when I saw him using it feels like a side effect of geiz revive at debut. Yep, definitely the flag for Gagumber in the future, just hope it’s not activated.

To be honest, the series far from now still retains its charm points and know how to lead viewers from one plot point to the next is really a plus point of the whole series. A series that can make viewers turn from one twist to another is really successful for me personally. The next ep is a swimsuit ep, yeah might be a fan service one, but as I said, this series always knows how to surprise viewers and next one is no exception. Just hope it’s not another crazy twist.