Megaton Musashi 12: Miracle

Mecha show usually cap off the season with a conclusive final battle and relatively peaceful resolution, but Musashi just pumo the pedal even harder and deliver an explosive finale to setup for the next season.

Everyone’s having some sort of melacholic issue after the last battle. Yamato was down because Arshem is missing, Teru is devastated because Minami-san is gone, Momoka is slowly regaining her memory and it seems like hers is a troubling one, Jun is hospitalized and Amemiya seems to have a lot on his mind. Ryuugo, Kouta and Takumi are probably the only ones that came out unscathed. Even Kanzaki and Sayaka seems quite somber and hesitant. But even so, they have to press on. It’s nice to see Yamato believing in Arshem because he knows she’s a strong girl and will not give up this early in the game.

And Grieffas turns. Well, I guess this is expected since the last time we saw him, he was quite poor at controlling his emotion and anger, so him lashing out at everyone isn’t unthinkable, and this time it just happen to be his superior. Grieffas seems to want to takeover the Sidr and devastated the human then get Arshem back by his side (prob to be his Queen). Dude’s seriously screwed in the head at this point. But he’s a formidable fighter, so he’s probably the boss for most of season 2.

The mysterious Ozma clone seems to be quite a badass. Dude stole the plan for a Megaton-class mech and constructed it by himself (sounds like a certain red-scarfed man that constructed his own black mech eh?) And he seems to be very good at surviving like a Nomad vagabond, going and doing whatever he pleases. But to be honest, he might be related to one of the pilots in Ixia and has some plan in mind. But anyway, Musashi-0 KICKS SO MUCH ASSES! Metal Samurai playing during its battle was amazing and that cockpit motorbike is beyond cool. Really remind me of Energer Z and Shin Jeeg in a way. That backpack really evoke a Mazinger Zero/Granzon feel and damn the design is basically just regular Musashi but it has so much style.

And the last miracle of the series: Teru’s responsibility just grow by one: taking care of the legacy of Commander Minami. The first union between a human and a Sidr/Dractor has bore a miracle child. Teru has now become a dad and his child is the first human x Sidr baby. This will no doubt be a significant milestone in both his life and the task of coexistent between the two races. Seeing him broke down like that really break my heart. He’ll definitely protect the child even at the cost of his life.

And we cap off with an amazing battle by Yamato and Amemiya along with a gorgeous ending song. This episode neatly tie up season 2 and open up so much more potential for season 2. I cannot wait for next Fall!